Need of Storage Buildings

Councils and winter maintenance contractors face with the need of storage buildings to ensure their salt, operations, gritters and other vehicles are protected because the weather is at its most challenging when the salt grit needs spreading. 

Consequently, Toro Shelters has developed a range of products, such as salt barns to specifically respond to the needs of Councils and Government Agencies, tasked with maintenance of the nation’s highways.

Products related to highways and council depots

Toro Shelters offers a broad range of products that fit the needs of Highways teams throughout the year:

Designed to be durable and resistant

Toro shelters are CE certified. This means they are of the highest quality and are built to Eurocodes standards. Hence, each of Toro’s storage buildings has been designed to protect against the ravaging wind, rain and snow. As a result, Highways Staff remain safe and materials, such as road salt are in the best possible condition when you need them.

Storage Buildings that fit your budget

Council and Government budgets in the UK are under constant scrutiny and are typically being cut, year-on-year.  That’s why Toro’s storage buildings are designed to be economical yet robust, while not compromising on quality. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Toro Shelters to discuss with us the best solution for storing salt and protecting other key council asset