An Economical Alternative for the Ship Building Industry

Ship Building Structures

Toro ship building structures offer a rapidly deployed and cost-effective solution for ship building industry.  We draw on a depth of experience building marine repair facilities, large vessel storage, marine terminals, enclosures, winter yacht storage, repair sheds, paint booths, marina maintenance buildings and ship cocoons. 

Our ship building halls offer a unique design with exceptional overall height, high sidewalls and extraordinary clearance. The marine environment is often harsh. High winds and salty, corrosive conditions. Toro structures are designed to sustain high wind loads. The structures are fabricated using high-grade steel and galvanised to protect the framework. Additionally, they are designed to Eurocodes they will last a lifetime. Consequently, they will last a lifetime.

Toro tensile fabric shelters do not have internal columns which interfere with the ship building operations, machinery or labourers inside the structure. Our clients in the ship building industry require the maximum usable space and ease of movement.

A Pleasant Working Environment

Abundant sunlight is able to pass through the heavy-duty fabric covers. While Toro Shelter structure’s natural ventilation allows unwanted exhaust to escape. Additionally, preventing mould, bacteria and condensation. Our structures are able to be dehumidified and climate controlled. This provide a stable, pleasant  operating environment. Toro Shelters are safer, healthier and more pleasant to work in, while also being resistant to the harsh, corrosive marine elements.

Engineered to Last

Toro Shelters are designed to conform to the European CE mark standards. They use high-quality galvanised steel tubing. Equally, they are manufactured to stand up to the local wind conditions in which the structure is intended to be used.

Engineered to withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 0.5kN/m². These marine structures are available from 6m up to 75m wide and any length desired. Many options are available. Including large scale entry doors, steel roll-up doors, roll-up sides and custom cover colours. The options are limitless. Please ask our sales or design teams.

A Good Way to Protect Your Boat

Our standard white fabric covers reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. In addition, the translucent and reflective qualities of the cover provide indoor temperature stability.  That means, buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can provide huge energy savings over and above the cost benefits of using a Toro Shelter.

Toro shelters also provide the ideal storage for expensive equipment, such as wintering boats and machinery. Protecting your equipment from UV, rain, cold conditions and salt laden sea air will greatly increase its working life in harsh marine environments.

They are low in cost per square metre. This because they require a minimal foundation and easy to maintain, Toro marine structures retain their value and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change.