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Protecting the Offshore Wind farm Industry

Offshore Wind Farms are by their nature situated in windy, corrosive environments.  The need to protect sensitive equipment integrated into offshore wind turbine generator  (OWTG) assemblies is critical.

Equally, the cost of protecting WTG assemblies must be economical and proportionate. It is essential to ensure offshore wind farm projects remain viable.

Uniquely designed, uniquely durable

Drawing on our decades of experience and innovation, designing protective shelters for all types of equipment in all industry sectors. Toro has created a range of ingenious and cost-effective wind farm cover solutions.

For example, transition piece covers have either been unwieldy and difficult to transport and install. Additionally, they are insubstantial and prone to potential failure. Our ingenious solution combines lightweight but incredibly robust materials. Coupled with clever design features to deliver the ultimate offshore transition piece protection.

Accordingly, when we design a product for the offshore wind farm sector we consider the following factors:

Easy to ship, easy to install, easy to use

Using the TP Cover example again, the unit is very competitively priced. However, the unit cost represents just the start of the savings. It’s compact form and unique design make it easy to transport. Especially in the final stage of delivery aboard an installation vessel, where space is at a premium.

The speed and ease with which Toro covers can be installed only increases those economies. Their swift, safe and straightforward operation ensures that the life-time cost savings are likely to dwarf the purchase cost.

Economy without compromise

Fundamental as keeping out the elements is, the frequently unseen cost of poorly designed covers is huge. Economy comes from both the cost of the cover and the savings its use create.

Accordingly, simplicity of design through experience and clear thinking allows Toro’s design team to achieve the economy required.

A pedigree of building structures in aggressive environments

Over two decades, Toro has established a strong reputation for delivering robust and innovative solutions.  We provide medium and long-term shelter for valuable assets in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

From the Sahara Desert to the Highlands of Scotland, Toro’s steel-framed, PVC composite membrane covered structures provide shelter from the elements.  Solutions such as re-locatable workshops and offices, designed for 225 kph windloads and sand storms.

Fit for Purpose

All Toro Shelters solutions for the offshore wind farm industry are built around four core principles:

  1. Ruggedised –Toro thinks of it simply as “fit for purpose”. The structure is built strong to endure a tough life in a harsh environment, protecting staff and assets.
  2. Straight forward and rapid erection – Our design minimises the impact on operations or get you up-and-running as quickly as possible.
  3. Expeditionary – Toro shelters’ offshore wind farm products are cleverly designed to pack efficiently into ISO shipping containers or pallets. To ensure they can be shipped internationally or by barge direct to the wind farm site with minimal spatial requirements. 
  4. Flexible – Whether it’s a reel cover, transition piece (TP) cover or a tower section cover, ALL of Toro’s buildings are developed to be re-usable, re-locatable and modular.

With over a decade of in-house expertise, Toro will work with you from the concept phase of your project to identify the right equipment and solutions. This information is then taken forward to production and delivered directly to your site. Toro installers and or supervisors will be on-hand to meet your installation needs, before or as soon as the structure arrives on site.

Composite Membrane Covers

Each and every Toro fabric membrane cover is specifically designed for the operating environment, or environments (if you foresee the cover being used in different locations) for which they are intended.

The incredibly strong composite membranes that cover the buildings are UV stabilised, tried and tested in the Middle East and Africa. They transmit enough light to negate the need for artificial lighting during daylight operation and remain impervious to wind, rain, snow and chemical attack.

Safety First

The majority of Toro’s clients require sectors in Australia, Africa and the UK, Health and Safety is second nature to Toro’s staff and contractors alike. Safety is designed into our buildings from the concept phase onwards. Toro does not take a ‘one size fits all’ to health and safety approach. We take time to understand the many factors surrounding each job to ensure a safe and pragmatic resolution. 

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