Why Use A Mobile SafeShelter?

  • Rapid Installation of decontamination shelters.
  • Easily decontaminated reusable or decommissioned.
  • Mobile – Can be moved into place with the minimum of disruption.
  • Durable – Are specifically engineered and built with high quality materials.
  • Cost – Design is based on standards and adapted for each case.
  • Safely Contains low level radioactivity.

SafeShelter Decontamination Shelters

Toro’s decontamination shelters – SafeShelter – are robust yet re-locatable tensioned fabric shelters. They are designed to withstand the rigours of the harshest environments. At the same time, they will protect your materials, assets, processes and personnel.

Our structures are made using sturdy galvanised, latticed steel trussed frames. They are covered with rugged PVC tensioned covers.

To support nuclear decontamination Toro Corporation Ltd has developed the SafeShelter mobile decontamination shelters, theses shelters are based on the successful Toro Shelter. Toro containment structures are designed to offer modular and general containment of contaminated areas.

Bespoke containment can be designed to provide C2 – C5 working conditions.


Installation of our decontamination shelters is simple. Consequently, we can arrange for our highly trained Supervisors to oversee the installation of your structure. Equally, if you prefer, one of our installation crews can install your pre-engineered building.

Toro understands the complexity of executing decontamination and containment projects. We have teams who will formulate the safest, most cost effective method of covering the site. We work closely with our clients to understand the limitations and challenges of each project. We then plan and execute accordingly.

Our install crews will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to erect your fabric structure. Because Toro Shelter crews are experienced and have installed thousands of buildings, they are able to work carefully and quickly when constructing the shelters. Respecting any health and safety considerations is of primary importance to Toro and its employees.

If you have any questions, they will be happy to explain the installation process to you.

Toro Corporation Limited / Toro Shelters is a signatory to the NDA’s Supply Chain Charter.,

Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommission Sites Signals
Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommission Sites Signals