Rugged Re-Locatable Mining Structures

Toro’s tensioned fabric structures were born out of the Australian mining industry and further developed with European engineering; Toro Shelters provide extremely high quality structures and infrastructure to the mining industry, across the globe.

Toro understands the needs of the mining and exploration industry. Specifically the importance of the continued operation, unhindered by poorly maintained plant or bad weather. Toro also understands mining companies requirement to relocate structures and operations rapidly and not have to totally replace the various mine structures.

Fit for Purpose

A Toro Shelters solution to the mining industry is built around four core principles:

  1. Ruggedised –The military describe Toro’s kit as ‘squaddie proof’. Toro thinks of it simply as “fit for purpose”. It is built strong to endure a tough life in harsh environments, protecting you and your assets.
  2. Straight forward and rapid erection – More than 90% of the fabrication is completed off-site, to minimise the impact on operations or get you up-and-running as fast as possible.
  3. Expeditionary – Toro shelters’ mine infrastructure buildings are cleverly designed to pack efficiently into ISO shipping containers. To ensure they can be shipped directly to site with minimal freight costs, Toro has teamed up with our trusted and proven logistics partner. Toro will arrange as much or as little of the shipping, as you require.
  4. Flexible – Whether it’s accommodation or a massive aggregate store, ALL of Toro’s buildings are developed to be relocatable and modular so that your camp can grow and develop with your requirements.

With over a decade of in-house expertise, Toro will work with you from the concept phase of your project to identify the right buildings, equipment and solutions. This information is then taken forward to production and delivered directly to your site. Toro installers and or supervisors will be on-hand to meet your installation needs, before or as soon as the structure arrives on site.

Composite Membrane Covered Buildings – Mining Sheds

Each and every Toro fabric membrane building is specifically designed for the operating environment, or environments (if you foresee the building being used in different locations) for which they are intended.

Toro Structures are fabricated using hot-dip galvanised, latticed steel frame which makes them extremely structurally efficient. The advantages of this are low weight for shipping, significantly reduced loads for foundations and the ability to create clear spans, even in a windy environment, of up to 60m span and as long as required.

The incredibly strong composite membranes that cover the buildings are UV stabilised, tried and tested in the Middle East and Africa. They transmit enough light to negate the need for artificial lighting during daylight operation and remain impervious to wind, rain, snow and chemical attack.

Toro Shelters fulfil a number of roles in a mining camp from Vehicle Maintenance shelters to aggregate stores containing 1000’s of tonnes of material. As well as mining sheds for protecting operatives and assets, Toro Shelters are widely used to protect the environment from dust and contamination.

Toro can also provide small and specialist shelters for drill rigs, specialist equipment shelters or welding habitats. Please get in touch or visit some of the links on the right for more information.

Modular Accommodation and Buildings

Complimenting membrane covered fabric buildings, Toro can design, configure and supply modular, hard walled, flat packed buildings. The major advantage of these buildings is that you get the same ruggedised, off-site construction delivered in a space saving, compact package, offering you the comfort and practicality you would expect in an HQ office.

Container Structure - Expedition Accommodation
Expedition Accommodation
Toro’s modular buildings are used for offices, accommodation, workshops and welfare facilities

Toro’s modular buildings can be configured for:

  • Offices
  • Accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Welfare facilities

Safety First

After working in the mining, oil and gas, government and military sectors in Australia, Africa and the UK, Health and Safety is second nature to Toro’s staff and contractors alike. Safety is designed into our buildings from the concept phase onwards. Toro does not take a ‘one size fits all’ to health and safety approach either. it takes time to understand the many factors surrounding each job to ensure a safe and pragmatic resolutions.


“SOMIVA tasked Toro to build a mining equipment maintenance shelter in 2014, for our operation located in the desert of sub Saharian Senegal.
The region experiences sand storms, extreme temperatures and heavy rains. The shelter and it’s modular buildings, on which it is mounted, are in as good condition today, as the day it was built, many years on.”
Deputy General Manager, Somiva, Senegal

“Good design, a good quality product and an installation team who overcame the many challenges.”
Bia Overseas Group, West Afric