Why Toro Shelters are Ideal as Military Buildings

  • Re-locatable
  • Compact – Easily Transported
  • Rapid Delivery and Installation
  • High Quality – Durable
  • Designed for the shipping container and pallet transportation
  • Economic

Toro Shelters’ military buildings and aircraft hangars are used extensively all over the world filling both civilian and military roles. They have almost become standard issue in the military and are used to protect valuable military assets; from fixed and rotor winged aircraft to expeditionary accommodation and warehouses storing vital military supplies.

The high-quality construction of Toro Shelter’s structures creates a standardised, durable and permanent building. However, the cost-effectiveness of these military buildings makes them ideal for temporary use too. They can also be easily re-located, re-purposed and re-erected whenever your needs dictate.

All Toro Shelters military buildings are designed to be packed into 20ft and 40ft containers, or packed on pallets, easily transported by air or sea freight, ready for deployment.

Modular Flat-Packed Military Buildings

Based on the dimensions of a 20ft ISO shipping container, Toro modular flat-pack military buildings allow expeditionary forces to deploy more robust, permanent and comfortable accommodation, office and general camp facilities. They can be rapidly installed by a low-skilled operative team. They can be transported and re-located efficiently.

While our flat packed buildings are standardised to maximise cost effectiveness they can be adapted to any required needs such as integrating armour protection, air-conditioning, power supply etc.

Military Fabric Buildings

Aviation Hangar | Toro Shelters
With their vast size, strength and durability, Toro Fabric Shelters make awesome portable aircraft hangers.

Toro Shelters are engineered to withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 0.5kN/m² and whatever specified wind loads. These structures are available from 6m wide to 60m wide and any length desired. Our standard 690gsm premium covers come with a 5-year warranty.

There are many options available, including entry doors, steel roll-up doors and roll-up sides. Custom, premium cover colours are also available.

Our white fabric covers reduce the need for artificial, daytime lighting. In addition, the translucent and reflective qualities of the cover provide indoor temperature stability, buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, offering protection for personnel and aircraft.

Low in cost per square foot, Toro Shelters have no or minimal foundation requirements. Easy to maintain, Toro Shelter aviation structures are robust and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change.