Oil and Gas Infrastructure Buildings

Toro Shelters oil and gas infrastructure buildings are an ideal solution to protect assets, operations and personnel in the often harsh climatic environments of oil and gas fields. Because our fabric buildings are robust and have an exceptionally long life you can use them as field enclosures. Also, you can use them in shale oil and gas drilling operations. Finally, they can be adapted and maintained by operational staff in a short time frame.

Not only does Toro offer versatile fabric buildings but also offers our flat packed modular space solutions. They are ideal for mobile workshops, warehouses, offices, as well as accommodation or welfare facilities. So, the possibilities are endless.

Toro has over a decade of experience working in the mining, oil and gas industries. As a result, our teams are well accustomed to the specific needs of the industry, working on mine, exploration and refinery sites.

Health and Safety are Our Second Nature 

Health and safety requirements of the oil and gas industry have become second nature to our design and installation teams. Toro works tirelessly to continuously improve the way it operates, finding ways to work more safely while maintaining efficiency.

Toro Shelters are the highest quality modular infrastructure buildings available to the oil and gas industry. We will provide a high-quality fabric or modular structure that will withstand the harshest climatic conditions. The reason is that each of Toro’s structures is specifically designed for the region in which it will operate. Also, we factor and calculate specific wind and snow loads in the design of the structure.

Common uses are:

  • Oil and Gas Habitats
  • Drilling rig enclosure systems
  • Pump stations
  • Pipeline surveying shelters
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Welfare blocks

Petrochemical Refinery Turn-Around and Plant Shut-Down Mobile Workshops

Toro fabric structures are ideal for petrochemical refineries, refinery turnarounds or plant shut-downs. Our experience shows time is critical for the in the oil and gas industry. Toro Shelters’ oil and gas buildings are an excellent solution as a result of rapid delivery and installation. So, our clients to carry on with what they do best.

Our oil and gas infrastructure buildings are European products and are CE mark compliant. Toro’s steel trusses are hot-dipped galvanised and resistant to corrosion, condensation and leaks. The structures’ cover is with a heavy-duty laminated PVC fabric which is waterproof and computer designed and fabricated to give a perfect fit.