Why is a Toro Shelter Aircraft Hangar used in the Aviation Industry?

Toro Shelters’ fabric aircraft hangars are used all around the world by military, aviation and aerospace organisations. From aircraft hangars, air cargo facilities, ground support buildings, equipment and baggage storage areas, helicopter hangars, terminals, sealed buildings and more, Toro aircraft hangars provide a customised solution to meet your aviation and aerospace building needs. Because Toro Shelters are so versatile, durable and portable they are viewed as ‘standard issue’ among many armed forces around the world.

  • Exceptional Height and Clear Space
  • Great Value
  • Rapidly Deployed
  • Versatile
  • Toro Shelters can be branded – brand and signage potential
  • Durable, Robust
  • High Quality – Well made using high quality materials

Exceptional Height and Clear Space 

Toros’ aviation buildings offer a unique design that provides exceptional height and extraordinary clearance. There are no internal columns to interfere with aircraft, cargo, or heavy machinery, allowing for ease of movement and maximum usable space.

Great Value and Rapidly Deployed Aircraft Hangar

Toro Shelter structures are a fast, economical solution for aviation and aerospace facilities. A Toro aircraft hangar can be installed for a fraction of the cost of similarly proportioned conventional structures and erected in a fraction of the time.


A Toro aircraft hangar can rapidly be made longer, shorter, moved to a different site, stored in a 20 or 40 ft container for later use or emergencies. Toro shelters have a remarkable resale value and can be resold recouping much of your initial capital outlay.

Toro Shelters can be branded to improve brand awareness signage potential.

Sponsors are looking for new and innovative ways in which to promote themselves. In addition, Toro Shelters have a different shape to conventional structures and will provide an eye catching structure for a sponsor to be associated with.

Protective & Comfortable Environment

3°-5°C warmer in winter and 3°-5°C cooler in summer. Toro’s aircraft hangars protect equipment and personnel from UV, rain, cold and heat. The light transmittance of the pale fabric roof cover provides a good degree of natural light during daylight hours. Our buildings provide an inviting, sunny environment that people enjoy working in. Sound absorbing fabric covers help minimise aircraft engine noise and provide a peaceful work area.

Our Aircraft Hangars are Durable, Robust and Well Made

Toro Shelters’ trusses are made using hot-dipped galvanised structural steel tubing and are designed and manufactured to stand up to gale force winds. They are engineered to withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 0.5kN/m². Toro Shelters are available from 6m wide to 60m wide and any length desired. Many options are available, including entry doors, steel roll-up doors and roll-up sides. Custom premium cover colours are also available.


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