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Mining Infrastructure

Rugged Re-Locatable Mining Structures Toro’s tensioned fabric structures were born out of the Australian mining industry and further developed with European engineering; Toro Shelters provide

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Retractable Roof System Habitat

Ports and Marine

An Economical Alternative for the Ship Building Industry Ship Building Structures Toro ship building structures offer a rapidly deployed and cost-effective solution for ship building industry.  We

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Military Aircraft Shelter


Why is a Toro Shelter Aircraft Hangar used in the Aviation Industry? Toro Shelters’ fabric aircraft hangars are used all around the world by military,

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Container Infrastructure Buildings - Expedition Accommodation

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Infrastructure Buildings Toro Shelters oil and gas infrastructure buildings are an ideal solution to protect assets, operations and personnel in the often

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Sports Facilities - Covered Tennis Court

Sports Facilities

Let’s face it, Britain’s weather is not always conducive to playing tennis. In order for British tennis to flourish and to develop young tennis players, we need

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Inflatable Shelter Rapid Installation

Nuclear Containment Structures

Why Use A Mobile SafeShelter? Rapid Installation of decontamination shelters. Easily decontaminated reusable or decommissioned. Mobile – Can be moved into place with the minimum of disruption.

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Biomass Storage Building

Biomass Storage

Key Benefits of Toro Biomass Storage Systems Biomass storage systems are the most economical structures. They are built to last a lifetime. Compliant with Environment

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Waste Management Buildings

Waste Management

Waste Storage Buildings and Recycling Facilities Toro has a proven reputation for delivering waste storage buildings for processing waste material. Our structures ensure to be

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Aircraft Hanger


Why Toro Shelters are Ideal as Military Buildings Re-locatable Compact – Easily Transported Rapid Delivery and Installation High Quality – Durable Designed for the shipping

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