Scaffold Roof Cover System

Is your current scaffold roof cover system solution economic?

A Toro Shelter scaffold roof cover system is the most safe and affordable option!

Toro Shelters has great pleasure to announce it’s new Temporary Scaffold Roof Cover systems. Toro Shelters has a proud tradition of designing and building industrial fabric membrane structures.


Toro Container Mounted / Scaffold Roof Cover System
Toro Container Mounted Rigid can be mounted on containers too!

Great Value Scaffold Roof Cover System.

  • Most scaffold roof cover systems are too expensive or not good quality.
  • Toro Shelters Scaffold are designed drawing on many year’s of experience. We design and build temporary buildings in the harshest conditions. From the Sahara Desert to the North Atlantic.
  • We have now produced a scaffold roof that is affordable and tough.
  • Toro’s temporary roofing system makes projects that were previously not competitive to cover a significantly more economical prospect.

Quick and Simple to Build.

  • With a small amount of training crews can be installing Toro temporary roof systems safely and quickly.
  • Toro’s keder track system allows roofs to be assembled in hours.
  • Robust galvanised steel or aluminium frames are easily assembled and are light.
  • Easily positioned or re-positioned.

Strong Design for a Temporary Solution.

  • Toro Shelter’s temporary roof systems are designed and built by Toro drawing on our team’s experience.
  • No need to spend hours installing a safe, effective cover for for your project.
  • Made from the highest quality European materials to Euro-code standards.


  • Using large fabric sheets or corrugated iron sheets can be exceptionally dangerous.
  • Their use is rapidly becoming unacceptable as practice in the scaffolding and construction industry.
  • Toro’s new scaffolding roof system is safe to install, even in higher winds.

High Quality Temporary Roof Covers.

  • Toro’s Structures are made from the highest quality European materials.
  • Structural fabric and galvanised steel are expertly welded by skilled and certified operators.
  • Made to CE standards.

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