Salt Barns From Toro – Protecting What Matters.

Toro Shelters is the largest provider of salt barns in the United Kingdom. The reason for our success: we consistently deliver high quality structures at a competitive price, while ensuring high levels of customer service.

Our experienced Engineering Team works with the latest analytical software and techniques. With these tools, our engineers ensure the safest and most economical salt storage solutions.

Toro Shelters experience

It is important Local Authorities and Councils have enough salt to grit roads during the Winter season. Consequently, Toro Shelter has been working tirelessly with Councils and contractors to design and build, high-quality, robust and economical structures. 

Toro is a Consulting Associate Member of the NWSRG – National Winter Service Research Group. Accordingly, our company assists the members of the group to adhere to industry best practice to store road salt.

Take time to view our salt barn gallery. A picture they say paints a thousand words.

Small Tactical Salt Barns

Small Salt Barn London with Fabric Curtain DoorsFor Toro, Clients space is often at a premium. Yet the need to store road salt remains. We have designed solutions for the many challenges our clients face.

Large Scale - High Capacity - Dry Bulk Stores

Salt Barn Dry Bulk-storeSalt by its nature is bulky. Importantly, our clients need to store large volumes of salt economically and in ideal conditions. The unit value of salt is low. Yet the cost of not storing enough is incalculable.  Storing sufficient stock guarantees councils have sufficient supplies for vital Winter maintenance.

The Installation of a Toro Salt Barn

Watch the video below and see how rapidly a Toro salt barn is erected. Additionally, note how the concrete foundation ring beam is small. This reduced foundation size results in massive cost savings.

Contact The Toro Team - Dry Bulk Storage

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Salt Barn Jargon Buster & FAQs

Toro Salt Barns - Temporary or Permanent?

Toro Shelters salt barns are cleverly designed so that they are rugged and robust. Accordingly, our structures are designed to last a life-time and are backed by Toro's 10 year warranty, as one would expect from a permanent structure. 

Equally, Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, re-purposed, enlarged or even re-sold. structures and engineered to Eurocode building standards they are designed to sustain significant wind and snow loads. 

Toro's clever structural design allows our happy customers the option to move, sell or change their structures, should a project end or their business change.

Is a Toro Membrane Structure the best solution for a salt barn?

Yes, Toro structures are built using an ultra tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane which is cost-effective, impervious to attack from salt and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Other types of salt barn are susceptible to rust, fire or not fit for purpose. 

How high does our salt barn need to be?

This really depends on a number of factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used to load and unload the salt from the store. Generally, if loading with a 28 tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of at least 11m. It will also depend on how much salt you require to store.

What is a Push Wall?

Push walls concrete walls erected inside a salt barn. Built to protect the building and to improve the capacity of the barn by containing the salt. They are generally precast concrete or cast-in-suit (concrete poured into form-work, on site).

Does Toro have a range of different size and types of salt barn?

Yes, Toro structures can be build to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement. Our gallery below outlines a few of the many possibilities. Please feel free to ask Toro's Technical team any questions you may have.

Why does the ground condition of the site matter for a salt barn?

A pile of salt is very heavy. A normal salt barn holds between 3,000 and 5,000 tonnes. When you pile this up in a small area, it exerts enormous pressure on the ground below and the structure holding it.

Toro can help you improve the ground, design a foundation, push walls and slab to contain your required capacity.