Salt Barns and Salt Storage Buildings


  • Offering the best balance of performance and cost.
  • Turnkey design and build solutions from the ground up.
  • Engineered to function in a concentrated saline environment.
  • Extremely high quality structure, built and protected to ensure a lifetime of use.
  • Temporary and permanent building designs.
  • Compliant with building regulations and the environment agency.


Toro Shelter Salt Barns have been identified by the UK Road Liaison Group‘s Well-maintained Highways – tracked changes, as the most effective and economic means of storing winter grit salt.

Cost effective and affordable salt barns.

• A Toro salt barn offers a 20% saving over our nearest competition and up to 40% less than a timber structure.
• Prevents a fifth of your salt from being lost/wasted each year through weather exposure.
• Our Buildings efficient steel structures save considerable cost in site preparation.
• Rapidly deployed meaning low impact on operations.

Quality laminated membrane structure.

• Built to last a lifetime.
• Galvanised frame and stainless steel fixings resist corrosive attack from salt.
• Ultra tough laminated membrane requires zero maintenance.
• Designed to withstand the extremes of the UK’s severe weather.

Toro Shelters - Salt Barns, salt storage shelter, salt store
Toro fabric salt storage building installation team

Toro Shelters - salt barns, salt storage domes

Close up of a high quality Toro Shelter truss

Temporary and Permanent Buildings.

• Our Engineering and Sales teams will work with you to understand your requirement and optimise your solution.
• Salt bulk storage buildings for anything from 250 to 45,000 tonnes of salt.
• Installation in days not months to minimise the impact on your highways depot.
• Short lead times to ease your time constraints.
• Shelters can be re-purposed, re-located or re-sold which could offer huge cost savings.

Compliant with Building Regulations and the Environment Agency.

• Complies with National Planning Policy for Waste (superseding the Environment Agencies’ guidance on covered salt storage (PPG10).
• Offers a safe working environment for your employees.
• Bespoke designs that are compliant with Eurocode building regulations.
• The highest standards of Health and Safety best practice will be maintained by our installers.
• Individually designed and configured to a size and colour to help meet your planning permission requirements.


A need arose for Yorkshire’s Highways Maintenance, to develop a new depot for winter maintenance which included the provision of a 30m x 60m 6,000t salt store;

Toro’s bid offered a quality build, with a 25 year-plus design life all at the right price. This (the build) was completed safely, efficiently and well within prescribed timescales, with a minimum of intrusion in to the ongoing day-to-day activities at the site. The completed structure is of the anticipated quality and functionality.

A Macklin - Company Director, Macklin UK


Our shelters are designed to last a life-time and are backed by a 10 year warranty. Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, which are robust structures, engineered to Eurocode building standards, to sustain local wind and snow loads.
Yes, Toro structures are built using an ultra tough PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from salt and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. 
This really depends on a number of factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used to load and unload the salt form the store. Generally, if loading with a 28 tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of 11m. (It will also depend on how much salt you require to store)
Yes, Toro structures can be build to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement. 

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