Toro Shelter Salt Barns - Protecting What Matters

Toro Shelters is the largest provider of salt barns in the United Kingdom. The reason for our success: Toro consistently delivers high quality structures at a competitive price, while ensuring high levels of customer service.

Storing sufficient winter road salt in the UK’s council salt barns matters. Why? because it keeps the nation’s road users safe.

It is important Local Authorities and Councils have enough salt to grit roads during the Winter season. Consequently, Toro Shelter has been working tirelessly with Councils and contractors to design and build, high-quality, robust and economical salt barns. 

Toro is a Consulting Associate Member of the NWSRG – National Winter Service Research Group. Accordingly, Toro assists the members of the group to adhere to industry best practice to store road salt.

Our experienced Engineering Team are backed up with lastest analytical software and techniques. With these tools, our engineers ensure the safest and most economical salt storage solutions.

Take time to view our salt barn gallery. A picture, they say, paints a thousand words.

Toro Salt Delivered to Salt Barn TfL Greenwich
Small Salt Barn London with Fabric Curtain Doors

From Small, Tactical Salt Barns

For Toro Clients space is often at a premium. Yet the need to store road salt remains. We have designed solutions for the many challenges our clients face.

Toro Shelters Salt Barn Push Walls

To Large Scale, High Capacity Bulk Stores

Salt by its nature is bulky. Importantly our clients need to store large volumes of salt economically and in ideal conditions. This guarantees councils have sufficient supplies for vital Winter maintenance.

Salt Barn Gallery

Defining a salt barn requirement Toro has put together this salt barn gallery to show the “art of the possible”. Please take a moment to

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