At Toro, we have developed a range of re-locatable welding habitat shelters to address the exacting requirements of our clients. From the Oil and gas industry, military, mining, construction and offshore sectors. The options and possibilities are limitless.

Welding Habitat Shelters

  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Ultra tough laminated membrane requires zero maintenance.
  • Designed to withstand the extremes of the UK’s severe weather.
  • Protect your operation rapidly- Toro’s inflatable buildings can be installed in minutes.

Temporary and Permanent Habitats

  • Toro will work with you to understand your requirement and optimise the best welding habitat shelter solution.
  • Installation in days, not months to minimise the impact on your operations.
  • Short lead times to ease your time constraints.
  • Shelters can be re-purposed, re-located or re-sold which could offer huge cost savings.

Welding Habitats

  • Toro has a number of tensioned fabric structures, inflatable structures and modular flat-packed structures.
  • Added Protection with weld shielding and curtains simply added.
  • Focused air supply / extraction options available.
  • Our inflatable welding habitat shelters are installed as rapidly as 7 minutes.

Paint Bays and Sand Blasting Habitats

  • Protect your painting/sand blasting operation, even in remote sites.
  • Take the shelter to the work, not the work to the shelter. Use a Toro habitat shelter.
  • Air supply/extraction options available.

Crane Liftable Habitats

Our lightweight structures can be lifted and transported by crane, making them incredibly flexible.

  • Robust yet re-locatable buildings.
  • Large buildings are able to be crane lifted to allow instant access to the sheltered process or asset.
  • Focused air supply/extraction options available.
  • Can also be mobilised by rail or pneumatic wheels.

Vehicle Maintenance Bays

  • Toro provides a number of solutions which have proved very popular with the military and Mining industry.
  • Our container mounted structures both inflatable and steeled framed membrane structures provide a robust rapidly constructed building.
  • Compactly Transported minimising weight and costs.


Our business had an urgent requirement to cover a weather-sensitive project. We approached Toro with extremely tight timelines. True to their word Toro delivered. The shelter Toro provided is excellent and we are delighted.
Company Director


Are Toro Portable Habitat Shelters Durable?

Toro Shelters are designed to last a life-time and are backed by a 10 year warranty. Toro Habitat Shelters are robust structures that can be re-located, engineered to Eurocode building standards, to sustain local wind and snow loads.

Is a Toro Membrane Structure the best solution for a work habitat?

In many cases -Yes, we build our structures using an ultra tough PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from aggressive chemical agents and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Toro has many different solutions. We can match your requirement to the best product. 

What are your portable habitats made of?

Toro uses the highest quality European PVC fabrics. UV stabilised and designed to take the punishment every day operations throw at buildings.

Does Toro have a range of different size and types of habitats?
Toro structures can be built to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement.