The Most Cost Effective Warehouse System Available

Toro Shelters has developed a range of warehouse structures to meet the diverse requirements faced by our clients. Whether it is a UK Building Regulations Part L 2 compliant, insulated structure or a single-skinned rapid-build PVC membrane structure, Toro has a solution for you to cover and protect your warehouse space.


Toro Shelters offer the most cost-effective warehousing on the market today. Toro’s per square foot (p.s.f.) price is 30% less than a modern large, building code compliant, conventional warehouse, on a like-for-like basis. Toro is able to achieve this significant cost advantage without compromising the quality of the structure.

Toro’s structures are engineered using an advanced, structurally efficient design system, optimising strength and reducing the cost of materials and the civils input. The result is that Toro Shelter warehouses have the ability to create a vast, yet robust clear-span space that protects operations and materials at a cost proportionate to their roles.

Designed and Built With Client Safety in Mind

Safety and quality will never be compromised by Toro Shelters. All Toro’s structures are designed and built to Euro Code standards. As a consequence, the design is cognisant of local wind and snow loads. All materials used in the fabrication of Toro’s buildings are certified and of the highest quality and provenance.

Clear-Span Structures

The latticed trusses used by Toro in its warehouse design, allow for an open internal space free of columns or supports. The combination of the internal building height and clear-span results in Toro warehouses offering a massive open space in which to operate.

Relocatable and Adaptable Warehouses

Lease Agreements and project terms, in the current economic environment, often terminate in 5 years or less. Although all Toro warehouse structures are engineered to last for many decades, they are also designed to be reconfigured, enlarged or even moved. This flexibility allows our clients to re-purpose the structure for a different project or use it on another site.

Maintenance Free, Clean and Pest Free

The framework and cladding for all Toro structures are easily cleaned. This improves the aesthetics and ensures contaminants or potential food for pests is eliminated. Toro’s robust yet simple design allows our structures to be easily and effectively cleaned and precludes space for pests to live and store food. Equally, the simple design ensures structures can be quickly and rapidly repaired, should they be damaged.

Rapid Build

Toro Structure’s are constructed using a simple and robust proven design, yet they are extremely adaptable. Consequently, the time from design to installation, depending on the scale is weeks or months rather than years.

Toro Undertakes Complete Design and Build

The majority of clients engaging with Toro ask them to assist or undertake them with the following:

  • Design and Development of Planning Approvals
  • Planning Approvals
  • Ground investigations / Site investigations
  • Ground improvement where the soils are if insufficient bearing and other services fit-out.
  • Foundation design
  • Installation
  • Scoping and installation of racking, lighting, climate control etc.
  • Periodic Post-Completion Surveys

Toro is happy to assist clients with as many or few of these aspects of the project, as required. Please feel free to contact Toro directly to discuss.

What is the most appropriate warehouse for your requirement?

Toro has three warehouse products in its range. Each of these products is based on well thought design and experience. However, they can all be adapted to suit the specific needs of the client. Their usage is only limited by imagination. Ask the team at Toro if you have any specific needs.

The Insulation Panel Clad warehouses are essential for those clients who need to respect Part L of the UK Building Regulations and/or those clients who have operations that require heating, cooling or humidity control of the space.

For those who require a large clear-span space which is robust, re-locatable and rapidly built, Toro’s fabric warehouses are the perfect choice.

Warehouse Options

The possibilities with Toro’s adaptable building are only limited by our imagination. We have outlined a few options below for your consideration.


How large can a Toro Warehouse be?

Toro's fabric warehouses can be designed to be as much as 60m wide, as long as required and 20m high. The design team at Toro will design the structure to Eurocode, taking into account local wind and snow loads.

How are Toro Shelter warehouses different from conventional build warehouses?

Toro's fabric warehouses are designed using cleverly designed latticed steel trusses. Toro trusses are light and strong, which means they do no use as much steel as a conventional buildings truss and create less load.The trusses cost less to fabricate and transport and they do not require as large foundation element.

How long will a Toro Shelter last?

Toro fabric shelters are robust structures, made using a hot dipped galvanised steel frame and covered using the highest quality PVC fabric or steel insulated sandwich panels . They are designed to Eurocodes. Consequently in normal conditions, the structure frame should last 50 years and the cover or panels 25 years.

Is it possible to use our corporate colours and print our logo/livery on the building?

Toro fabric structures offer our clients a great opportunity to project their business on the structure. Toro's PVC comes in a wide range of standard colours and for larger orders virtually any colour is available. Equally, printing logos etc. on the cover is simple, stable and comparatively inexpensive.