Vehicle Maintenance Shelters – Where ever you are

We supply vehicle maintenance shelters that are made in Europe to Euro-code standards and built to last a lifetime, even in the harshest environments. As a result, they can meet the demands of the military deployed on expeditionary operations or servicing the mining industry in the Sub-Saharan desert. 

Expeditionary of Vehicle Maintenance Shelters

Toro’s team designs the shelters to be deployable, relocatable and modular. Because you might be looking for a military-type shelter that can be packed away into a self-contained ISO-workshop inflated and deployed in under an hour. Alternatively, you may have a five-year contract as a mine operator or a maintenance contract for the trucks, for example.

It Is Not Just a Workshop

Besides vehicle maintenance shelters, Toro designs and supplies ISO containers, which are modified to fit your specific requirements. There are several advantages to combining a covered workshop area with standard or converted ISO containers or with modular buildings.

  • The ISO containers can provide storage for and assist the transport of the roof canopy when the workshop is not deployed.
  • When the workshop is in use, the shipping containers offer secure storage for tools and parts.
  • The containers can also be used to house heavy, bulky or sensitive equipment such as your HVAC system or lathe.
  • The image below shows a specially modified container designed and supplied by Toro to house Graco oil pumps for the oil and lubrication bay.
  • Besides, Toro designs and supplies modular accommodation to integrate into the vehicle maintenance area for office space, accommodation or welfare facilities.
Vehicle Maintenance Shelter
Vehicle Maintenance Shelter