Road Salt Storage Buildings and Salt Barns

Toro Shelters are the United Kingdom’s largest supplier of bulk salt storage buildings. We deliver prefabricated salt barn solutions to new and existing depots across the United Kingdom because our salt barns are the most effective and economically viable option for storing winter road salt.

The UK’s Trusted Salt Barns

As the UK’s most trusted supplier of road salt storage solutions, Toro Shelters are compliant with the Road Salt Storage Industrys best practices set down by the UK Roads Liaison Group. Toro Shelters is an associate member of the National Winter Service Research Group. As such, Toro Shelters advises councils and Government bodies on compliance and the best practices for winter road salt storage.

Cost-Effective Salt Storage Services

The planning, design & construction of Toro Salt Barns results in the most cost-effective solution. The efficient, lattice steel structure which we use within all of the salt barns puts less weight on the foundation. As a result, we have a smaller and more cost effective foundation element. The high quality galvanised steel frame and laminated PVC fabric result in reduced maintenance costs.

Quality Assurance On All Salt Storage Buildings

Every element of Toro’s Salt Storage Buildings is with high quality and longevity. The steel structure has a 50-year design life, and the salt barn has a 20- year warranty. It is because the structure’s quality is incomparable and its design and fabrication is compliant with Euro Codes and European Standards.

Tailored Salt Barn Solutions

Toro Shelters’ design and engineering team encourage ongoing research into product, material and design to define the best salt barn storage solution for their customers. Toro’s custom salt barns range from temporary or permanent, prefabricated or built in site, and come in a range of different sizes, colours and shapes.

Talk To Our Salt Barn Sales Team Today

The Toro Shelters team can provide you with the best solution for your salt barn project. The information you provide can give us a better understanding of your needs. So, we can collaborate with you to design, fabricate and install a salt barn that fits your purpose. Because Toro Shelters’ mission is to develop and deliver a quality salt barn that will stand the test of time.

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Toro Salt Barns - Temporary or Permanent?

Toro Shelters salt barns are cleverly designed so that they are rugged and robust. Accordingly, our structures can last a life-time and are backed by Toro's 10 year warranty, as one would expect from a permanent structure. Equally, Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, re-purposed, enlarged or even re-sold. Engineered to Eurocode standards our road salt storage buildings are strong enough to sustain significant wind and snow loads. Toro's clever structural design allows our happy customers the option to move, sell or change their structures, should a project end or their business change.

Is a Toro Membrane Structure the best solution for a salt barn?

Yes, Toro build the structures using an ultra tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from salt and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Other types of salt barn are susceptible to rust, fire or not fit for purpose. 


How high does our salt barn need to be?

This really depends on a number of factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used to load and unload the salt form the store. Generally, if loading with a 28 tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of at least 11m. It will also depend on how much salt you require to store.

Does Toro have a range of different size and types of salt barn?

Yes, Toro can build the structures to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement. Our gallery below outlines a few of the many possibilities. Please feel free to ask Toro's Technical team any questions you may have