Salt Barns, Structure Types & Sizes

Toro Shelters is the UK’s largest supplier of salt storage solutions.  We have designed and installed salt barns the length and breadth of the UK.

In this page we explore why Toro Shelters salt barns are the most effective, economical solution for your operation’s salt storage needs:

An Experienced Sales Team

Toro’s Sales team are all qualified Engineers. They understand client requirements. Each time they come across a new challenge it is added to our bank of experience. As the leading provider of salt barns, our team has a depth of experience to draw from.  You will speak with an experienced structural engineer at your first contact with Toro. Subsequently, in design, installation and after-sales support, you will be assisted by our highly trained team.

Salt Barns –  Toro’s Structural Superiority

The features that make Toro Salt Barns the best available:

The Toro Design Team

consists of the best structural and civil engineers in the UK. The team is assisted by some of the most advanced engineering software available. FEA tools are the latest tools for our Engineer to intelligently and rapidly design structures.

The Steel Frames

The framework of our structures is the heart of a Toro Shelter. The design and high-quality fabrication results in robust framework system. Consequently, the frames have a 50-year design life.

Advanced Engineering Design 

Toro uses the latest design techniques and analytical FEA software.  The framework strength is maximised and the amount of material used minimised. This results in our structures being strong, robust and an optimised weight.

Optimised Structural Weight

In turn, the allows for a smaller foundation element. Consequently, a lighter foundation element results in significant cost savings for our clients.

The resulting structurally efficient latticed steel trusses reduce the load on the foundations. This, in turn, reduces the size and cost of the foundation elements. 


The Structure is Important -But it’s Not the Whole Solution

Like any structure, a salt barn needs to be of high quality, Additionally, so do the planning, civil/foundations, lighting, ventilation, drainage and a host of other factors. Toro works with clients to ensure these and other elements are factored into the overall solution.

Toro can undertake as much or as little of the following works, to suit the client’s needs.

Planning Permission

Toro works with the Planning Consultants so that Planning Authorities may fully understand the proposed structure. Toro has written a popular article on the Planning considerations our client must consider. Equally, we have included many features in our design. These include features such as cladding colouring, profile and civil design. Click here for more on Tensioned Membrane Buildings & Planning.

Civil Design

Storing large quantities of salt in a confined space exerts enormous loads on the ground below. Lack of careful design will result in differential settlement and slab failure. Toro has a civil design service to ensure you have a foundation to sustain the loads exerted by the proposed salt pile. The foundations and base slab are rigorously designed to prevent failure from heavy usage and prolonged saline attack.

Ground Improvement

Highways maintenance depots are often built on poor or reclaimed ground that is or was on the edge of town. As a result, the soil beneath is either ‘made ground’, marsh, or poor ground. These types of conditions are not suitable for sustaining high loads. Thankfully, poor soil conditions are not uncommon. Toro’s design team has integrated several different ground improvement techniques into its slab and foundation design to contend with this issue. Please discuss this with the Toro design team. They are happy to advise.

Push walls

Push walls are reinforced concrete walls. They are designed to protect the structure. They are either cast-in-situ or precast units. Their purpose is to increase the salt barn’s capacity and to segregate the corrosive salt from the structure. Carefully designing the salt barn’s layout will optimise the capacity.


Lighting of a salt barn is often an after-thought. Ensuring there is a power supply or ducting to the structure is often neglected too. The Toro team have several great, low-maintenance  LED solutions so that Winter Maintenance crews can work safely during winter service.

Other Considerations

Most importantly, the team at Toro encourages early engagement, and collaboration throughout the client’s salt barn storage project, to define the solution. Toro’s experience in engineering and design of salt barn means they can advise its clients with the best professional knowledge to fit the client’s requirements.


A Wide Range of Options – Large High Capacity to Small Tactical Salt Stores

No two salt barns are the same. However, Toro is able to draw on the experienced gained by years of building salt barns. Toro builds salt barns using standard designs that are tested. We take these standard designs and adapt them to meet of client’s requirements. Please take some time to visit our salt barn gallery.

Where large volumes of salt require storage our design team will work with you to optimise the footprint. Space becomes more scarce with time. Consequently, it is important to store your required road salt in a small space as possible. Our Sales Team will be happy to calculate your spatial requirements for you.

Large High Capacity Salt Barns


Small Tactical Salt Barns

Quality Assurance Over Our Whole Salt Barn Range

A bulk salt storage building is a highly corrosive environment. Toro understands this and has invested time and effort to ensure that not only the structure of the salt shed. but also the foundations and retaining walls are designed, manufactured and installed to be fit-for-purpose.

Toro is confident of its salt storage system and offers a 20-year warranty. The latticed steel frame of a Toro Shelter is hot-dip galvanised to protect the structure against the oxidising effects of the salt.

The salt storage structure’s base plates and fixings get extra protection in addition to the galvanisation. The tensioned, ultra-tough composite membrane cover of the salt barn design is impervious to attack from salt and sand (and most other chemicals) and is very easy to wash down. Additionally, each bulk salt storage facility is designed to withstand the local weather conditions, be it inner-city London or the west coast of Scotland.

Civils Design and Execution

The size of your salt barn will be one of your first considerations. However, it is also important to think about the salt barn design – its shape and appearance. For example, it is important to achieve clearance for a 28-tonne tipper truck that often delivers the winter road salt, and equally, the height requirements of salt barn construction need to be balanced with local planning height restrictions.

Toro can deliver almost any size and shape of a structure and can now provide a retractable roof system. Additionally, Toro can help smooth the planning approval process by supplying clients with design drawings and colour swatches of our PVC fabric for submission to your local Planning Department.

UK Road Salt Storage Membership Advisor

Toro Shelters are compliant with the Road Salt Storage Industry best practices set down by the UK Roads Liaison Group in its most recent practical guide. Toro Shelters are also an associate member of the National Winter Service Research Group. As a member, Toro will advise councils on the best practices for winter road salt storage.

For more information about Toro’s salt storage building types and benefits, contact us no

Toro Salt barn Oxfordshire
Toro Salt Barns - Temporary or Permanent?

We design our salt barns so that they are rugged and robust. That's why they can last a lifetime, as one would expect from a permanent structure. They are structured and engineered to Eurocode building standards to sustain significant wind and snow loads. At the same time, Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, re-purposed, enlarged or even re-sold. This way our customers have the option to move, sell or change their structures, in case a project end or their business change.

Is a Toro Membrane Structure the best solution for a salt barn?

Yes,  it is because we use an ultra-tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from salt. Also it is quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Unlike other types of salt barn are susceptible to rust, fire or not fit for purpose. 

How high does our salt barn need to be?

The answer depends on several factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used. If loading with 28-tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of 11m. Of course, It will also depend on the quantity of salt you require to store.

Does Toro have a range of different size and types of salt barn?

We build our structures to any size, in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to fit your needs. The gallery below outlines some of the possibilities. Please don't hesitate to ask Toro's Technical team any questions you may have.