Salt Barns And Environmental Compliance

Toro salt barns will ensure compliance with the Environment Agency (EA) or Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) guidelines. Toro’s salt barns are designed with the environment as a priority. Toro Shelters considers every aspect to protect the environment from salt pollution. Our salt barns are manufactured almost entirely from recyclable material and have an extremely low carbon footprint.

Correct Salt Barn Storage

Correctly storing salt will greatly increase its shelf life and ensure it remains compliant with regulations and standards BS 3247:2011. One of the main factors in achieving this is controlling moisture content. Unprotected salt can diminish by as much as 20% per year, which is not only costly but will also allow concentrated leachate to escape into the environment, damaging fauna and flora – see the article on the best solution for salt storage, that combats this.

Toro Shelters Salt Barn Safety First Policy

All salt barns are designed in accordance with Eurocode design standards and in accordance with BS EN 1090-1. All of our structural steel is supplied CE marked in accordance with UK regulations. Toro’s design philosophy ensures quality and safety are the first priorities. Over time we have developed this, in line with CDM regulations, to continually reduce risk in the manufacturing and installation stages of the build. For example, Toro’s operational staff now carry out more than 80% of the assembly at ground level, even for a custom salt barn with a 14m high apex.

Toro’s salt storage buildings are designed to offer a safe and comfortable working environment for all parties involved. For example, sufficient space is recommended in and around the salt shed structure and retaining walls for safe and easy inspection, maintenance and repair access. The fabric used to cover the salt storage building is supplied by the highest quality manufacturers in the world and is compliant with all relevant fire regulations. Toro uses fabric that is self-extinguishing – they do not propagate flames or cause burning droplets to fall.

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Toro Shelters is unquestionably the UK’s leading supplier of salt barns. Toro’s design team understand the many aspects of salt storage, and their clients’ needs. For more information, please contact us.


Toro Salt Barns - Temporary or Permanent?

Toro Shelters salt barns are cleverly designed so that they are rugged and robust. Accordingly, our structures are designed to last a life-time and are backed by Toro's 10 year warranty, as one would expect from a permanent structure. Equally, Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, re-purposed, enlarged or even re-sold. structures and engineered to Eurocode building standards they are designed to sustain significant wind and snow loads. Toro's clever structural design allows our happy customers the option to move, sell or change their structures, should a project end or their business change.

Is a Toro Membrane Structure the best solution for a salt barn?

Yes, Toro structures are built using an ultra tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from salt and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Other types of salt barn are suseptable to rust, fire or not fit for purpose. 

How high does our salt barn need to be?

This really depends on a number of factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used to load and unload the salt form the store. Generally, if loading with a 28 tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of at least 11m. It will also depend on how much salt you require to store.

Does Toro have a range of different size and types of salt barn?

Yes, Toro structures can be build to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement. Our gallery below outlines a few of the many possibilities. Please feel free to ask Toro's Technical team any questions you may have.