What are Toro Retractable Roofs?

Toro is pleased to introduce its new industrial retractable roof system for salt barns and bulk storage shelters. 

Often materials, such as winter road salt, fertiliser, wood chips, sand, aggregates or whatever bulky material which do not have a high value, require a large space to store. Equally, these commodities are often vital in their respective processes that need to be kept dry or uncontaminated, ready for use.

Toro Shelters has developed a solution drawing on the design of success of the mobile roof system to store materials that are needed to be stockpiled and accessed quickly, often in an aggressive environment. Our structures are made of our highly robust galvanised steel frames and covered our laminated PVC laminated fabric. Toro retractable covers are designed to withstand the rigours of salt and other aggressive materials.

What are the Benefits of Retractable Roof Systems?

Rapid Storage and Access of Stored Material

Toro retractable roof systems can be fully retracted or replaced in minutes using a hand winch or motor. The mobile roof saves time when loading and unloading, while protecting your material against the weather. Hydraulic tipper trucks can unload materials without the worry of damaging the structure

Space Saving

Sliding hatch covers are the answer for large bulk storage when space is scarce. The cost of industrial land continues to increase rapidly and planning constraints of local government become ever more restrictive. Space available for storage of bulky materials is often limited. Therefore, a robust retractable roof system to cover the usage of space is essential. 

Easily Constructed and Maintained

The retaining walls of Toro’s retractable bulk stores are generally constructed using pre-cast concrete lego-type blocks. Using these precast push walls not only reduces the overall cost of manufacture but also means that if a push wall is broken, it can be swapped out with minimal cost. The walls can also be given a waterproof coating for even longer life.

Rugged Covers Designed to Last a Lifetime

Made from extremely strong PVC, the roof hatch will last a lifetime. Shelters can be re-purposed, re-located or re-sold which could offer huge savings on otherwise sunk costs. 

Recyclable and Protecting the Environment

Toro’s sliding covers are made from a 100% recyclable material and have a low carbon footprint. Covering aggressive materials, such as road salt and fertiliser, will protect the environment from leaching of the stored material into the aquifer or nearby water-ways.