Mobile Fabric Shelters – An innovative solution from Toro

Toro Mobile Fabric Shelters allow you to rapidly reposition your structure on-site in moments. They are a rapidly installed and economical means to cover your operation. They are often used as workshops, warehouse storage, loading facilities. Toro Shelters offer a unique design that provides ample height and extraordinary clearance for your shelter and storage needs. They can be simply wheeled or craned around your yard.

Toro Shelters have no internal columns to interfere with forklifts, scaffolding or heavy machinery. They allow for ease of movement and maximise usable space in your work area.

Toro Shelter construction site facilities provide an inviting, sunny environment that people enjoy working in. Sound-absorbing fabric covers minimise machinery noise and help provide a peaceful working environment.

Why not create a sealed, hermetic environment in which to operate? Toro Shelters are a mobile shelter solution for hermetically sealing noxious odour, dust or contaminated material. Move the structure around the site in moments, protecting the environment, your neighbours and your employees from exposure to unpleasant or toxic substances.

Toro Shelter mobile shelters are a superior alternative to wood or steel buildings because they don’t have interior columns or support beams. They provide maximum usable space, our mobile fabric shelters allow you to utilise as much room as possible for your operation.

Available in Round and arc styles, these buildings are available in sizes from 20′(6m) to 100′(30m) wide and 20m in length. Toro Shelter structures currently function as mobile production facilities, staging buildings, cold storage structures, commodity storage buildings, materials handling facilities to name a few possible uses.

Toro Shelters will also provide perfect storage for your expensive processing equipment, such as trucks, loaders, etc. Protecting your equipment from UV, rain and cold conditions will greatly increase their working life.

When you need to build your warehousing facility fast, Toro Fabric Mobile Shelter is the answer. Toro Shelter structures go up quickly — fabric structures are built in less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional wood or steel building. When you choose Toro Shelters, you can have your mobile structure installed in only a matter of days.

No other structure is as economic or versatile as mobile fabric shelters. They can be mobilised directly on the earth, hard-standing, asphalt, rails or on a concrete slab.

Toro Shelter white fabric covers reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting. In addition, the translucent and reflective qualities of the Toro Shelter cover provide indoor temperature stability — manufacturing buildings and warehouses stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Toro Shelter benefits will reduce or eliminate your need for heating and cooling.