Economical Dry Bulk Storage

Toro dry-bulk storage buildings are the most progressive and economical solution for the storage of dry goods, such as grain, salt and wood chips.

Our dry bulk storage shelters have a latticed steel frame, Additionally, they are clad with high-tech laminated PVC membrane covers. 

Toro’s new design offers a revolutionary alternative in high capacity dry bulk storage. They are versatile, extremely robust and suited to harsh and corrosive environments.

Toro’s bulk storage buildings are the best way to protect dry bulk or waste materials. They are built to keep odours and dust in. Equally, they keep the weather and pests out. Whatever the environment, Toro’s storage warehouses offer the following unique range of benefits:

Affordable bulk storage shelters

Toro Shelters offer an economic and proportionate solution for storage of dry bulk materials. Our steel-framed, PVC fabric covered shelters are far and away the most cost effective means to cover dry-bulk material,  The conundrum is to economically store large volumes of material dry and in the best possible condition for when it is needed.

From Central London to the highlands of Scotland and beyond, our structures are the most affordable means to protect your valuable materials. They are affordable because they are cleverly designed consequently, require fewer materials to build.  The advanced design techniques we use also permits a reduced foundation size further reducing build costs.

Versatile, high quality and durable structures

Toro structures are extremely strong. They will last a generation. Toro Shelters are sometimes considered to be temporary bulk storage shelters,  They can be disassembled and reassembled. between sites or to a new location. 

Our highly durable fabric covers are a great alternative to traditional or steel shelters. Timber cladding is extremely expensive. Steel cladding rusts, especially in an aggressive environment such as salt barns

Equally, the latticed framework has a coating of high quality galvanisation. They are engineered to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. 

Rapidly deployed

Toro bulk storage shelters are erected in less time than conventional structures. Our highly experienced installers can set up structures in a matter of days. As mentioned above, our team will be able to rapidly relocate your dry-bulk storage shelters should the need arise. 

Compliant with European building codes

Environmental regulation becomes ever-more demanding. It is critical that certain materials, such as salt and wood chips, are stored in an EA compliant structure. Toro Shelters are European CE marked and our structures protect the environment and your corporate reputation, by adhering to the various Governmental Agency guidelines.

Toro Shelters a trusted brand

Toro clients continue to buy our structures because they know we can be counted on to deliver perfect solution everytime. Internationally, Toro has a reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’ to build high-quality, robust structures at a competitive price.