What are container mounted canopies?

As you can see from the adjacent image, and the images above, shipping container mounted canopies are two or more ISO or Connex shipping containers (20ft -6m or 40ft-12m) placed in a parallel formation. A Toro Shelter container-canopy, galvanised steel frame is designed and assembled to lock into the corner castings of the shipping containers. A robust, laminated PVC cover is then tensioned over the frame creating a rugged shelter instantly. Doors, end walls, ventilation louvres, lighting are a few of the many options that can be added to the structure to make it perfect for your needs.

Key Benefits of Container Mounted Structures

  • Low cost solution for secure storage coupled with a large working area
  • Tough and long lasting in any environment
  • Creates a clean, dry, well sealed area for working or storage

Toro container mounted canopies – What are the benefits?

  • Rapidly constructed -Fabricated and installed in one to two days
  • Toro container shelters require no / minimal foundations – Save on concrete – They can often be placed on bare earth
  • Safe – They’re specifically designed for your local wind and snow loads
  • They can be easily re-located or even re-sold when your project or lease ends
  • The containers will provide additional secured space for valuable items
  • They will not leak – protecting your working environment from the elements
  • They provide unhindered clear span space for your operation

The team at Toro over the years has worked closely with clients, site managers, mining and exploration companies, contractors and engineers. We understand the environment in which our structures operate and the pressure our clients face to deliver safely and on time. If you have specific environmental conditions, such as high winds, cold, heat you may consider mounting your canopy on our modular flat-pack structures. They can be engineered to any specification or requirement. Toro Shelter container mounted structures are the fabric container shelters of choice, Our clients come back to us time and again because they know they will get a great structure that will go the distance.

  • Workshops
  • Warehouse storage
  • Bulk storage
  • Garages
  • Mining machinery maintenance bays
  • Welding bays
  • Lubrication work shops

Low Cost Covered Storage or Work Space

  • The perfect way to increase your storage space without costing the earth.
  • Incorporate your old shipping containers or buy low cost single use containers from Toro.
  • A single structure can be mounted in three different configurations to offer multiple storage/space solutions.
  • We designed our container shelters originally for our mining and exploration clients, knowing that that they needed a robust, economic way to cover their operations rapidly and possibly relocate the structure at a later date.
  • Can be relocated.

Tough and Long Lasting

  • Toro’s Container Mounted Canopies were originally developed to support mining operations in West Africa.
  • Each shelter is designed to withstand it’s local environment.
  • Hot-dip galvanised frame will last a lifetime.
  • Ultra-tough composite membrane requires no maintenance and can be quickly and easily repaired.
  • Not to be confused with low cost imports.