What are concrete lego block shelters?

Concrete Lego Block Shelter is an exceptionally flexible construction system. Its  tensioned fabric roof is mounted on concrete lego blocks.

The Concrete Lego Blocks

CConcrete Lego Blockoncrete lego blocks form the base of the fabric structure.  Creating the foundation element. The blocks may be placed on a concrete slab or even compacted type-1 hardcore. The covering Toro Shelters has a comparatively low weight. Therefore, they require a comparatively light-weight foundation, which results in cost savings. For this, concrete lego blocks are ideal. They also form an ideal barrier or push wall should material be stored in the structure.

These interlocking blocks have been around for over a decade. They make ideal push walls or retaining walls on which Toro Shelters can be mounted. The interlocking concrete blocks are easy to place. They do not require mortar and are therefore suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. 

The Mounted Structure

The robust nature of the structure’s galvanised steel frames and the laminated PVC cover are backed up with the CE mark. This means you have the comfort of knowing your structure will last for a generation or more.

Therefore, the concrete interlocking blocks form a total solution for building of many kinds of protective structures. Such as storage bays, retaining walls, salt storage, bulk storage, silage pits, concrete firewalls and industrial buildings. Concrete block mounted fabric shelters are cost-effective, rapid means of building a robust shelter. Importantly, they are fire-resistant. 

The Structure’s Installation Process

Once the lego blocks have been placed in courses, in-situ, the Toro Shelter galvanised steel framework is anchored into the top course of blocks. The steel frame is then covered with our rugged PVC laminated fabric and tensioned to form a tight water-proof skin over the framework.

Concrete lego block shelters offer the strength to withstand the load of the material in the structure and also create a strong push wall system against which loaders and machinery can load their buckets to move material around or loading trucks. These structures and concrete blocks can be re-located or even sold at the end of a lease or project.

The re-locatable qualities of concrete lego block shelters may also be viewed in a positive light by planning authorities when considering the building’s approval.

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