What are concrete lego block buildings?

Concrete Lego Block Buildings, using tensioned fabric shelters mounted on concrete lego blocks, is an exceptionally flexible construction system. 

The Concrete Lego Blocks

Concrete lego blocks form the base of the fabric structure.  Creating the foundation element. The blocks may be placed on a concrete slab or even compacted type-1 hard core. Teh covering Toro Shelters have a compaitively low weight. Therefore, they require a comparitively light-weight foundation, Which results in cost savings. For this, concrete lego blocks are ideal. They also form an ideal barrier or push wall should material be stored in the structure.

These interlocking blocks have been around for over a decade. They make ideal push walls or retaining walls on which Toro Shelters can be mounted. The interlocking concrete blocks are easy to place. They do not require mortar and are therefore suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. 

The Mounted Structure

The robust nature of the structure’s galvanised steel frames and the laminated PVC cover are backed up with the CE mark. This means you have the comfort of knowing your structure will last for a generation or more.

Therefore, the concrete interlocking blocks form a total solution for building of many kinds of protective structures. Such as storage bays, retaining walls, salt storage, bulk storage, silage pits, concrete firewalls and industrial buildings. Concrete block mounted fabric shelters are cost-effective, rapid means of building a robust shelter. Importantly, they are fire-resistant. 

The Structure’s Installation Process

Once the lego blocks have been placed in courses, in-situ, the Toro Shelter galvanised steel framework is anchored into the top course of blocks. The steel frame is then covered with our rugged PVC laminated fabric and tensioned to form a tight water-proof skin over the frame work.

Concrete lego block buildings offer the strength to withstand the load of the material in the structure and also create a strong push wall system against which loaders and machinery can load their buckets to move material around or loading trucks. These structures and concrete blocks can be re-located or even sold at the end of a lease or project.

The re-locatable qualities of concrete lego block buildings may also be viewed in a positive light by planning authorities when considering the building’s approval.

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Toro Tactical Small Storage Bay
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Salt Barn , Structure Types &

Toro Shelters are UK’s largest supplier of salt storage solutions.  We have designed and installed salt barns the length and breadth or the UK.

In this page we explore why Toro Shelters salt barns are the most effective, economical solution for your operation’s salt storage needs:

An Experienced Sales Team

Toro’s Sales team are all qualified Engineers. They understand client requirements. Each time they come across a new challenge it is added to our bank of experience. As the leading provider of salt barns our team has a depth of experience to  draw from.  You will speak with an experienced structural engineer at your first contact with Toro. Subsequently, in design, installation and after sales support, you will be assisted by our highly trained team.

Toro Salt Barns – Structural Superiority

  1. The Toro design team consists of the best structural and civil engineers in the UK. The team is assisted by some of the most advanced engineering software available. FEA tools are the latest tools for our Engineer to intelligently and rapidly design structures.
  2. The steel frames of our structures are the heart of a Toro Shelter. The design and high-quality fabrication results in robust framework system. Consequently, the frames have  a 50 year design life.
  3. Additionally, advanced engineering design means the framework strength is maximised and the amount of material used minimised. This Results in our structures being strong, robust and a low weight.
  4. In turn, the low weight of the structure allows for a smaller foundation element. Consequently, a smaller foundation element results in significant cost savings for our clients.
  5.  The foundations and base slab are rigorously designed to prevent failure from heavy usage and prolonged saline attack.

The Structure is Important -But it’s Not the Whole Solution

Like any structure, a salt barn needs to be of a high quality, Additionally, so do the planning, civils / foundations, lighting, ventilation, drainage and a host of other factors. Toro works with clients to ensure these other elements are factored into the overall solution.

  1. The construction process is fast, efficient and flexible, and the efficiency of the build, and the diversity of salt barn solutions for temporary or permanent structures, means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ option.
  2. Most importantly, the team at Toro encourages early engagement, and collaboration throughout the client’s salt barn storage project, to define the solution. Toro’s experience in engineering and design of salt barn means they can advise their clients with the best professional knowledge to fit the custom solution needs.

A Wide Range of Options – Large High Capacity to Small Tactical Salt Stores

  1. Planning PermissionThe structurally efficient latticed steel trusses reduce the load on the foundations which in turn reduces the engineering, size and cost of the foundations – click here for more on Tensioned Membrane Buildings & Planning.
  2. The retaining walls are precast which not only reduces the overall cost of manufacture but also means that if a push wall is broken, it can be swapped out at minimal cost. The walls can also be given an extra waterproof coating for longer life.
  3. Provided it is cared for and maintained, the cover will easily last 20 years. It can be repaired and even replaced completely for a fraction of the cost of any other cladding option.
  4. Shelters can be repurposed and relocated which is a huge, additional cost saving.


Quality Assurance Over Our Whole Salt Barn Range

A bulk salt storage building is a highly corrosive environment. Toro understands this and has invested time and effort to ensure that not only the structure of the salt shed, but also the foundations and retaining walls are designed, manufactured and installed to be fit-for-purpose.

Toro is confident of its salt storage system and offers a 20-year warranty. The latticed steel frame of a Toro Shelter is hot-dip galvanised to protect the structure against the oxidising effects of the salt.

The salt storage structure’s base plates and fixings get extra protection in addition to the galvanisation. The tensioned, ultra-tough composite membrane cover of the salt barn design is impervious to attack from salt and sand (and most other chemicals) and is very easy to wash down. Additionally, each bulk salt storage facility is designed to withstand the local weather conditions, be it inner city London or the west coast of Scotland.

Civils Design and Execution

The size of your salt barn will be one of your first considerations. However, it is also important to think about the salt barn design – its shape and appearance. For example it is important to achieve clearance for a 28 tonne tipper truck that often delivers the winter road salt, and equally, the height requirements of salt barn construction need to be balanced with local planning height restrictions.

Toro can deliver almost any size and shape of a structure and can now provide a retractable roof system. Additionally, Toro can help smooth the planning approval process by supplying clients with design drawings and colour swatches of our PVC fabric for submission to your local Planning Department.

UK Road Salt Storage Membership Advisor

Toro Shelters are compliant with the Road Salt Storage Industry best practices set down by the UK Roads Liaison Group in its most recent practical guide. Toro Shelters are also an associate member of the National Winter Service Research Group. As a member, Toro will advise councils on the best practices for winter road salt storage.

For more information about Toro’s salt storage building types and benefits, contact us now.