Toro fabric building design

The Toro design team are highly qualified and design all our fabric buildings to local environmental conditions. Toro prides itself that its products comply with CE mark standards. All structures are designed and have their statically calculated using CAD and other state-of-the-art tools. You can be sure your fabric buildings are going to last in the harshest of conditions.

Structure Design of Container Mounted Shelter
The structural design of one of Toro's many shelters.

Toro steel frames

Materials - Steel

Toro fabric buildings use the highest quality European structural steel tubing. Our structures are fabricated in Europe. We will never use cheap, low quality, steel from an unknown source.

Fabrication - Welding

Our steel frames are welded by some of the most professional and skilled operators in the world. Each weld and each cut is checked and re-checked. In order to provide custom-engineered portable buildings, we construct each steel truss individually to meet the design specifications. Once the steel tubes are cut and bent, they are welded together to create the webbed effect and unmatched strength that Toro fabric buildings are renown for.

CNC cutting
CNC Steel cutting machinery at the Toro plant.

Many Toro fabric buildings spend their lives in aggressive or hostile environmental conditions. Other buildings, simply will not cope. Toro shelter trusses (frames) are galvanised to the highest standards. Unlike other structures, our frames will show no signs of flaking or puckering (signs of poor galvanisation technique/process).

Toro PVC Covers

Made from High Quality European Fabric

Like our steel trusses: Toro PVC fire-resistant, fabric covers are made from the highest quality European fabric. They will last for a generation. They are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Toro Shelter fabric covers contribute to the lasting durability of our fabric buildings just as much as our steel trusses. For structures less than 30m wide, we use a one-piece cover to fit the frame. This ensures a secure, leak-free fabric cover. For larger structures, we use multiple fabric covers and weld them together on-site.

Toro installation crews

Our construction teams have a great deal of experience installing Toro Shelter pre-engineered buildings in the most varied and demanding of environments. The team will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment to erect your fabric building carefully and quickly. Their experience makes them ideally placed to answer any questions that may arise during the installation process and demonstrate the functionality of your new Toro Shelter once installation is complete.

Salt Barn Installation
The Toro team at work doing what they do best.