When planning a shelter for your operation you are faced with many questions that need answers before you will be comfortable to make a purchase decision.

Who is Toro Shelters?

Toro is a Bristol, UK based company supplying structures around the globe. The Toro team has vast experience designing, fabricating and installing structures to suit the most demanding applications and testing environments.

The structures we produce to appeal to a vast range of industries and to-date we have supplied military warehouses, marine – boat builders, aviation hangars, salt barns, bulk storage, commercial composting and waste management facilities, to name a few.

Toro Team at Work
The Toro team at work.

What are Toro Shelters?

The team at Toro Shelters design, fabricate and install the highest quality Industrial fabric buildings. Toro Shelters are bespoke, skilfully designed galvanised steel frames, covered with a tensioned, high quality PVC fabric stretched over the frame.

Our fabric structures are robust, yet relatively light-weight. This reduces or removes the significant cost of expensive foundations. Some of our structures do not require any formal foundation and can be anchored into bare earth, hard-core or tarmac.

Toro shelters are quick and easy to install. They represent excellent value and are highly versatile and extremely rugged. Whatever the environmental conditions, whether it be rain, wind, heat, humidity, Toro shelters offer the most flexible and economical alternative to traditional buildings to control those conditions.

Our sister company, Taurus Fabric Build, head-quartered in Cairns, Australia, gives us truly global reach, so that we really can deliver the  structure to suit your needs, wherever on the planet they may arise.

The Toro Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy puts our clients first.

Every aspect of everything our staff at Toro do is focused on ensuring that our clients have the very best solution, at a great price.

Toro Shelter’s process starts and ends with you, the customer:

Your initial inquiry will have you speaking with one of our Toro Shelter specialists. Toro Shelter specialists are highly qualified personnel who will act as your liaison throughout the process of purchasing your portable engineered fabric structure. Before we make any suggestion about your structure, your Toro Shelter specialist will listen to your needs and goals for the structure’s application. They will make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge of building codes and regulations.

Together you will determine the specifications and customisation needed for your Toro Shelter Fabric Structure. Toro Shelters are fabricated to exacting specifications by highly experienced staff using only the best quality materials.

Our structures are designed to CE mark standards are designed and fabricated using the latest advances in computer technology.

You will be impressed at the speed at which your fabric building will be ready for installation. The Toro philosophy of excellence doesn’t stop there. Toro install crews are highly skilled and professional and adhere rigidly to Toro’s unyielding Health and Safety policy.

Finally, once you are enjoying the benefits of your new structure, we are still there for you. If you wish to move, re-configure or repair your structure our after-sales support team are dedicated to your peace of mind.