What dies Toro Shelters have in common with the Eiffel Tower?

This may seem like a very bizarre question but believe it or not, there is something that you may not know about the Eiffel Tower that has a direct connection with a number of shelters produced by Toro Shelters. If we mentioned the words ‘temporary’ structures you may still be none the wiser, other than knowing that we have an extensive range of shelters that can be used either on a temporary basis or which are easily movable owing to the nature of their construction with lightweight materials.

Believe it or not, the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic structure in Paris, if not the whole of France, was actually intended to be a temporary structure to celebrate the 1889 World Fair in Paris. However, its success and popularity saw the structure remain intact and nothing other than the lifts and viewing platforms have changed since then. Mind you, there is one thing it doesn’t share with the construction of our shelters. While ours can be erected from within a few days to a few weeks, the Eiffel Tower took over two years to complete.

What are the shelters that we provide?

We won’t claim to be able to produce anything over 300ft tall, but part of the success of Toro Shelters has come through the extremely rigid yet lightweight tubular steel structures created by our design team that enable us to produce such a wide variety of shelters suitable across all industries. From salt stores to aircraft hangars, Dutch barns to animal shelters, single to multiple story modular offices, adaptability and versatility are two words frequently used when describing the structures we are able to provide.

One of the speediest and most effective shelters we help to create is the container mounted canopy. Through the easy creation of side walls using shipping containers, we can swiftly produce a canopy to res on the two parallel runs of containers and then we can adjust and adapt, depending on what else is required, to provide end covers and doorway entrances as well. The great popularity of this type of shelter is its manoeuvrability. The canopy itself is light enough to be easily moved with a crane, and of course the shipping containers can be just as easily relocated as well. On a multiple excavation, mining or drilling site, this type of cover can prove invaluable when trying to keep out the elements.

To find out more about all the structures we can build here at Toro Shelters, just give us a call or call in and see us at our premises in Bristol.