Top-quality, durability, cost-effectiveness and portability

Boatbuilding and shipbuilding, by the very nature of the length, width and height of vessels, require a lot of space, not just for the vessel itself, but ancillary machinery and the workforce too. A continual challenge is the creation of a totally covered area which does not require any internal supporting columns or pillars, a challenge that has been met and overcome successfully by Toro Shelters. Through the use of galvanised tubular steel frames and tensile PVC fabric materials, we have been able to provide marine structures in widths which range from a modest 6 m up to an impressive 75 m, and at any length needed.

With the option of enclosing ends and the inclusion of entry doors and roll-up sides these buildings are perfect for any climatically challenging environment, yet despite the quality of construction and substantial cost-saving benefits, Toro Shelters’ marine structures are extremely competitively priced in order for our clients to see an acceptable level of ROI. In addition, with the need for minimal foundations, there is a very cost-effective option to use existing transport containers as a base to provide additional height. While we find marine structures are best as a permanent and fixed structure, there is the option to create a movable structure as well, thereby greatly increasing their opportunities for use. All our shelters are designed to conform with the European initial CE Mark standards; this means that even in the toughest of locations the structures are capable of withstanding a snow load of up to 0.5 kN /m2 whilst also being able to cope with high wind velocities. A considerable amount of time has been spent on the technological side of materials used, as a consequence of which the white tensile PVC fabric used to cover the frame of any of our marine shelters works extremely effectively to provide internal temperature stability, either through its reflective qualities in the summer, or thermal retention capability in the winter.

The marine environment is accepted as being one of the harshest to work in and one where extremes in weather condition can play a dramatic role in the ability to effectively and efficiently work on any project. As such, we firmly believe that the benefits afforded by a Toro Shelters marine structure will see it pay for itself within a reasonable period of time-based on increasing the productivity of your workforce. 

To find out more and to see exactly what type of marine structure Toro Shelters can provide for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our offices in Bristol.