The quality of a temporary building is only as good as the design, materials used and the skills of fabricators and erectors.

Our reputation for providing high-quality temporary buildings is based on a complete package, covering every aspect from design through to construction, which is the only reason why you can expect a Toro Shelter to last for in excess of 25 years. At each stage of the purchasing experience, our skilled team members are highly trained, with a very close eye kept on all aspects of health and safety – this is critical considering much of the work is performed at a considerable height.

In any business today, a major capital purchase has to provide what is known as ROI, or a return on the investment made. In many instances, the construction of a permanent building within certain industries can be prohibitively expensive, especially if that building is both immovable and likely designed for one specific use. While that building may still be standing in a hundred years’ time, if it is only used 25% of the time, that is not an effective use of capital resources.

However, while we always use the highest-quality galvanised steel and a laminated PVC fabric which is also UV resistant, this would be of little benefit if the structures were not designed and fabricated using skilled engineers and welders and erected by an experienced and skilful workforce.

Where temporary buildings are concerned, there is often a misconception that the word temporary implies it is of a poor quality and, even disposable after a short period of time. A lack of knowledge and understanding of materials used by Toro Shelters can lead to a missed opportunity to acquire a structure that will not only meet a current need, but one which can still be adapted for alternative use and, of even greater importance, which can be relocated. Maximising your ROI for a Toro shelter is made far easier through its adaptability and flexibility.

Because of the variation in size and design of Toro Shelters, it is vital that our workforce is extremely experienced, with a depth of knowledge enabling them to work on all structures while, in particular, specialist training has been undertaken where containment structures are required for hazardous environments. It is perhaps no surprise to learn how skilled our workforce has to be when you consider that the range provided by Toro shelters includes habitat buildings, salt barns and salt storage buildings, scaffold roof cover systems, biomass storage facilities, modular office buildings, container mounted canopies, Lego block buildings, aircraft hangars, mobile shelters, innumerable industrial fabric buildings, Dutch barns and containment structures.

Based just outside Bristol, Toro shelters have been provided to a wealth of industries across the globe. We are extremely confident that whatever your requirements are for a temporary building we will be able to provide exactly what you require and of the quality you deserve. To find out more, please use our Contact Page to get in touch or better still, why not give us a call?