Toro’s Salt Barns are the best solution to store your road salt this winter !

Installing salt barns to store road salt needs budgeting and planning ahead for the requirements of next winter, it is not best done in September. Owing to the vagaries and unpredictable nature of British weather, particularly during the winter, provision has to be made for the harshest of conditions and particularly ice and snow. Here at Toro Shelters, Bristol, we are all too aware of this situation and, as a consequence, we have developed a range of cost-effective and affordable bulk salt facilities that are capable of dealing with between 250 and 40,000 tonnes of salt and all our salt storage buildings comply with the National Planning Policy for Waste and all Eurocode building regulations.

Depending on the facilities you currently have to store your winter road salt, there may be a reluctance to do any stockpiling, both from a financial as well as waste point of view. Up until now it has been an accepted standard that anything up to 20% of salt stored can be lost each year through wheather exposure, so where you may have an initial store of 40,000 tonnes, you can write off the cost of 8,000 tonnes straight away, which is a substantial sum of money. To counter this situation and protect the environment, Toro has designed bulk salt storage barns that completely cover the salt and are entirely weather proof whilst also being resistant to the oxidising effects of salt. 

In addition, the materials used for the structure of domed salt barns include a galvanised steel frame covered with a tensioned, composite membrane external structure which requires no maintenance and which has an extended lifespan when compared to more traditional building materials. Add to this the fact that Toro salt barns traditionally cost over 20% less than similar structures available on the market, and up to 40% lower in cost than traditionally-constructed buildings, and you will begin to understand why our salt storage buildings are becoming more and more popular, especially with local authorities and government agencies.

Combine the versatility of Toro salt barns and their relatively light weight, while we recommend permanent structures, you have the potential to create a movable structure that can be adapted to a variety of uses in varying site locations, thus maximising the return on any cost invested. From start to finish we like to remain in close contact with our clients, ensuring that all demands are met exactly as per agreed specification and that any salt storage barn structure provided by Toro Shelters is 100% fit for purpose.

If you have not heard of Toro Shelters before, please feel free to give us a call at any time and we will be more than delighted to have a chat with you about our salt barns and we will demonstrate clearly just how cost effective they are.