Tailor-made Structures

There is certainly a wide range of temporary structures available on the market today, but many of them are strictly modular in format and therefore you can often end up having to adapt your working environment to fit around the space one of these temporary shelters provides. It is a solution, but it is not an ideal one, and not one we expect our customers here at Toro Shelters to have to deal with.

So many industries require temporary shelters for all manner of means and uses, and it is important that the materials used are very much fit for purpose and that the sign and design are also fit for purpose. As a consequence, we have created a design, manufacturing and construction process that combines the very best of suitable materials to create bespoke solutions as rarely are our clients’ requirements identical.

One of the biggest problems faced in many industries is the creation of a structure which not only has ample height, but also has an unobstructed substantial width and depth. The size of plant and machinery used in many industries is such that having to negotiate any internal obstacles within a building can be hugely problematic. For Toro Shelters, this is not a problem thanks to a carefully designed lattice network arched galvanised stainless steel frame. Particularly in the boatbuilding industry, temporary marine structures often have far greater height than width and one of our more clever solutions is to create an arched canopy which can be sited on top of shipping containers, the maximum clearance created being governed by the number of containers stacked to provide side walling. Particularly where the marine industry is concerned, and salt storage barns for highways departments, these are extremely corrosive environments where the use of metal in any part of a building’s structure is concerned. To counteract this problem we have chosen to use effectively galvanised steel for the framework of our shelters, while the strong but lightweight tensioned PVC covering is totally corrosion resistant and is also UV protected for extra life. Even in these harshest of environments, you should expect a Toro shelter to have a lifespan in excess of 25 years.