Don’t mistake the word temporary for short-lived

If you look up the word ‘temporary’ in the dictionary, you will find one of the meanings given as “lasting for only a limited period of time”, while synonyms of the word temporary include short-lived and provisional. Here at Toro Shelters, when we talk about temporary shelters we can assure you that they most definitely do last for an extremely long period of time and that the word temporary is used purely to indicate that as a type of building, our shelters are temporary as opposed to permanent structures.

The word temporary, in the context of Toro Shelters simply means that the structures can be located virtually anywhere, at any time, and rapidly. For many of the industries we supply our shelters to necessity creates the demand and not everything can be planned for weeks, if not months in advance. As an example, if the long-range weather forecast predicts a very severe winter, in their terms ‘long-range’ can simply mean three months. Such a forecast will see the need for the creation of additional covered storage for salt by local authorities as uncovered salt stocks can lose up to a third of their volume over the winter season. This is not only a loss of money but can also lead to a shortage of salt when needed most. All our shelters, including salt barns and salt storage buildings, aircraft hangars and industrial fabric buildings comprise galvanised steel frames which are covered with a tensioned, high-quality PVC fabric which is tightly stretched over the galvanised steel frame. If you have reasonable knowledge about building structures, you will know that these two principal components each has a very long life span. With the fabric used for Toro shelters being laminated and with the inclusion of UV inhibitors, you can expect the lifespan to be in excess of 25 years.

As an added bonus, while being very much fit-for-purpose, Toro shelters are also very adaptable and because they are lightweight, can easily be moved. In a multi-functional and multi-purpose environment, this means you are more likely to be able to maximise its use when compared to a permanent structure.

To find out more about the comprehensive range of temporary shelters, all of which are built to requested size, please feel free to request a quote or ask for further information using our contact page or, better still, please feel free to call us direct at any time.