Industry Sector Gallery

Please browse through our image galleries. Many our our clients gain inspiration from our galleries to help them incorporate features from fabric buildingĀ solutions we have created before.

Toro salt barn opening, Durham Council

Opening of the Durham Count Council High Capacity Salt Barn

Toro Shelter - Galvanised Steel Trusses

Well designed and fabricated galvanised trusses installed in a salt barn

Toro Large Salt Barns

High Capacity salt barn 7,500 tonnes

Toro Small Tactical Salt Barn

Small Salt Barn - Arc Shelter

Toro Salt Barn

Small local salt barn - semi height sides

Toro Salt barn Highways

Rear View of semi height fabric sides

Toro Salt Barn - Sliding Doors

Dutch Barn - High Capacity -10m doors

Toro Salt Barn Round Green

Green coloured tactical salt barn

Truck unloading in salt barn

Filling salt barn with hydraulics at full stroke

Toro high quality trusses

Close up of a high quality truss

Salt Barns Toro Shelters

Toro open-ended salt barn - Designed to withstand high wind speeds and harsh environments

Toro Fabric Shelter - Salt Barn Mounted on concrete blocks

Rear of Toro Shelter mounted on pre-cast concrete blocks

Salt Barns - Concrete Blocks Weather Proof Doors

Toro Salt Barn on concrete blocks with Fabric door

Toro Concrete Block Mounted Salt Barn -

Toro fabric salt barn doors open

Toro Fabric Salt Barn

Concrete Lego Block Mounted Salt Barn

Salt Barn - Toro shelters

Toro Salt Barn with semi-open sides for ventilation

Toro fabric shelter installation team

Toro fabric shelter installation team

Toro Shelter fighter jet hangar

Toro Typhoon -Euro Fighter - flight line shelter

Toro Controlled Environment Large Boeing Aircraft Hangar

Toro commercial aircraft hangar

Toro Fabric Buildings - Aircraft Hangars

Commercial aircraft hangar with multi-height access doors

Toro Flight Line Shelters

Toro Jet Shelter

Toro flight line shelter anchored into existing concrete slab

Toro Aviation Shelter

Toro large fixed wing aircraft hangar

Toro shleters - Fabric Shelters, temporary structures

Double stacked container mounted mining maintenance structure

Toro Mining Vehicle Maintenance

Off-road mining maintenance bay container dome shelter

Decontamination shelters

Rapid Shelter Warehouse

container mounted structure

Fabric Door - Double-stacked fabric shelter

modular mining camps

Flat packed modular mining camp

Toro portable lubrication bay

Bunded portable lubrication bay

Toro Container mounted Shelter

Toro Mining Vehicle Maintenance

Modular Mining Camps

Modular Offices and Workshops with mounted work bay canopy

Toro Temporary Fabric Structures - Mining Container Mounted

Toro Shelters help our mining clients take the structure to the work.

Toro Shelters - salt barns, salt storage, winter salt storage

High Capacity Bulk Store

Disaster Relief Warehouse

Twin warehouse anchored on asphalt

Temporary Fabric Warehouse

Toro Rapid Shelter with up-and-over doors

Toro Fabric Warehouses

White twin warehouse with ventilation panels

Toro Rapid Warehouse with ventilation

Rapid Shelter Warehouse Fabric doors, ventilation panels and louvres

Emergency Resiliance Store

Rapid shelters - Fast installation yet rugged in any weather

Toro Shelters - fabric buildings, temporary structures

Multi-colour rapid shelter

Toro Rapid Warehouse

Drawing of Toro Rapid Shelter

Climatic Controlled Warehousing and Storage

Standard Two Colour Gable Structure

Large Doors, Timber Storage Warehouse

Three doors, branded Dutch Barn Structure

Dutch Barn Warehouse with Canopy

Toro Dutch Barn Warehouse

Dutch Barn Warehouse with Canopy

Toro Shelter Dutch Barn Fabric Warehouse

Dutch Barn Fabric Warehouse

Toro Galvanised Steel Trusses and Bracing

Galvanised Steel Trusses and Bracing

Warehouse on anchored on asphalt

Fabric Covered Relocatable Warehouse

Gable Shelter with Signage

Large Clearspan low cost warehousing

Gable Shelter with Signage - Multi-colour

Toro Bulk Store

Twin Gable Structure - Bulk Store

Side view of gable structure

Toro Biomass Fuel Storage

Loader inside gable structure

Toro Waste Management Structures

Waste recycling plant under Toro shelter

Recycling Shelter

Front-on recycling plant

Compost Processing Facility

Composting plant

Toro Multi Level Building

Multi-level composting plant