Dutch Barn Shelters

Typical usages for Toro's large fabric buildings:

  • Bulk Stores
  • Salt Barns
  • Fabric Warehouse Structures
  • Fabrication Halls
  • Waste Transfer Stations
  • Aircraft Hangars

Fabric Warehouse Structures

When you require a large structure Toro will generally recommend using the webbed truss, steel frames of the Dutch Barn shelter (one of our fabric warehouse structures). These frames consist of two heavy duty galvanised steel tubes (dual cords) with geometrical latticing and bracing for real strength, depending on the width and style of the structure. The steel frame is hot-dipped galvanised which minimises corrosion, especially in aggressive environments.

All structures are fully engineered and options provided for such as footings, doorway systems and ventilation systems.

Benefits of Toro’s large fabric structures:

Open Clear Span Space

Toro Dutch Barn Structures range from 23m to 55m wide. This provides a large clear span space. These open space enables flexibility in the design of the interior. It also ensures you get the the most efficient and productive use of the space available. Without internal posts or columns operators reduces the possibility of collision between machinery, such as loaders / fork lifts and the structure framework.

Rapid Installation

These large fabric structures are quicker to install than traditional buildings. This reduces build cost reducing labour costs and enabling productivity and profits to commence sooner.

Versatility of Design and Colour

Toro Shelters are designed for our client’s specific needs. If your site has peculiar conditions or constraints we can tailor a structure to the physical environment (topography, wind load, snow load, shape of site)

The fabric covers come in many colours. However, the white fabric is translucent, which reduces the need for daytime artificial lighting.


The structures are relocatable or permanent buildings. They will last for generations, yet they offer the flexibility of being moved, re-purposed or even sold.


As with all structures, the cost per metre squared rises as the width of the structure increases. However, this needs to be balanced against the efficiency gained by having the extra clear span space.

Racking can be integrated into the frame-work

Warehouse racking can be integrated into the frame-work of our fabric warehouse structures, creating savings of space, cost of the racking. Please discuss your racking load requirements with our sales and design teams if this is of interest.

Toro Dutch Barn Shelter


Standard widths for Dutch Barn fabric structures: from 23m to 55m

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