Markets Overview

Explore the wide range of markets Toro Shelters can support with

Turnkey solutions for mining camps. No interruption to your production. Toro will seamlessly manage all aspects of an installation from identification of requirements through to system acceptance. 

Toro Shelters' marine building structures offer a rapidly deployed and cost effective solution.

Toro Shelters' fabric aircraft hangars are used all around the world by military, aviation and aerospace organisations.

Toro Shelters' produce ideal solutions to protect assets, operations and personnel in the often harsh climatic environments of oil and gas fields both up-stream and down-stream. 

Toro’s modern indoor arena can be climate controlled so the playing conditions are always perfect for the player.


Cost effective and affordable biomass storage for 50 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes of fuel.

Toro’s decontamination shelters – SafeShelter – are robust yet re-locatable and/or inflatable tensioned fabric shelters.

A waste storage facility built to last a lifetime for 20% less than the nearest competition

Toro Shelters' military buildings and aircraft hangars are used extensively all over the world supporting both civilian and military roles.