Salt Barns and Salt Storage Buildings


Toro Shelter Salt Barns have been identified as the most effective and economical means of storing winter road salt. They are compliant with the Road Salt Storage Industry best practices set down by the UK Roads Liaison Group, in its most recent practical guide.

UK’s Most Trusted Salt Barn Supplier

Toro Shelters has become the UK’s leading supplier of salt barns, delivering turn-key solutions to new and existing depots across the United Kingdom. The knowledge and experience within Toro’s engineering team has put the company in a unique position to help you along every step of the way building your road salt storage facility. There is even a whitepaper coming soon to the website that will walk you through the various stages of salt barn construction projects, highlight the associated risks and help you overcome the common pitfalls experienced in taking a new scheme through to completion.

Whether your store is for 500t or 50,000t of winter salt, Toro can help with the following:

  • Preliminary consultancy, advising on size, design and function.
  • Site investigations to ensurethe viability of existing ground conditions and assist in accurate civils costing.
  • Planning drawings and advice to support the planning application.
  • Ground remediation to improve poor ground, ready to support 1000’s of tonnes of salt.
  • Design, manufacture, freight and installation of a bespoke designed, tensioned fabric salt barn structure.

Structures Built to Last 

A salt store is a highly corrosive environment. Toro understands this and has invested time and effort to ensure that not only the structure but the foundations and retaining walls are designed, manufactured and installed to be fit-for-purpose. Toro is confident of its salt storage system it is prepared to offer a 20-year warranty.

The latticed steel frame of a Toro shelter is hot-dip galvanised to protect the structure against the oxidising effects of the salt. The building's base plates and fixings get extra protection on top of this. The tensioned, ultra-tough composite membrane cover is impervious to attack from salt (and most other chemicals) and is very easy to wash down. 

Each building is designed in accordance with Eurocode standards and is built to withstand the local weather conditions, be it inner city London or the West coast of Scotland.

The Most Cost Effective Salt Barn Solution

A rather bold statement you might say! A Toro shelter is designed to minimise whole life costs. Why are Toro Shelters so economical? The answer starts quite literally from the ground up:

  • The structurally efficient latticed steel trusses reduce the load on the foundations which in turn reduces the engineering, size and cost of the foundations.
  • The foundations and base slab are rigorously designed to prevent premature failure from heavy usage and prolonged saline attack.
  • The retaining walls are pre-cast which not only reduces the overall cost of manufacture but also means that if a push wall is broken, it can be swapped out with minimal cost. The walls can also be given a waterproof coating for even longer life.
  • The steel frame of the building is the heart of a Toro Shelter is manufactured with a design life of 50 years.
  • The cover will easily last 20-30 years but can be repaired and even replaced completely for a fraction of the cost of any other style of the cladding.
  • Shelters can be re-purposed, re-located or re-sold which could offer huge savings on sunk costs.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the team at Toro would welcome early engagement to define the solution as we have the experience to advise where you can and can’t value engineer the design solution.

Assisting our Clients Through the Planning Process

The size of your salt barn will be one of your first considerations. However, it is also important to think about its shape and appearance. On the one hand, it is great to achieve clearance for the 28t tipper truck that will deliver the salt, but this has to be balanced with local planning height requirements.

Toro can deliver almost any size of a structure, including a dome-shaped salt barn, which is considered by some to be less intrusive. In theory, a dome-shaped salt store is the most efficient regarding the ratio of storage capacity to the footprint. In reality, a salt dome vs a Dutch barn design will come down to space available on-site and planning constraints. 

As well as size and shape, Toro can help smooth the planning approval process by supplying clients with design drawings and colour swatches of our PVC fabric for submission to your local Planning Department. The image below shows a large salt store for the Central Bedfordshire Council in RAL colour 6005, which was a stuipulation from the local council Planning Department.

    Protecting Winter Salt While Protecting the Environment

    Correctly storing salt will greatly increase its shelf life and ensure it remains compliant with regulations and standards BS 3247:2011 “Salt for spreading on highways for winter maintenance”. One of the main factors in achieving this is protection from moisture. Unprotected salt can diminish by as much as 20% per year, which is not only costly but will also allow concentrated leachate to escape into the environment where it will damage fauna and flora. Some regions have attempted to mitigate this by covering stockpiles with tarpaulins. However, the risk and complexity of operating a salt store covered in this way has proved completely untenable. Toro salt barns will ensure compliance with the Environment Agency or Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) guidelines.

    Not only do Toro salt barns protect the environment from salt pollution, Toro shelters are manufactured almost entirely from recyclable material and have an extremely low carbon footprint.

    Safe Salt Storage

    All Toro Shelters are designed in accordance with Eurocode design standards and, in accordance with BS EN 1090-1, all structural steel is supplied CE marked.

    Toro’s design philosophy is to design-in safety, right from the outset. Over time we have further developed this, in line with CDM regulations, to continually reduce risk in the manufacture and installation stages of the build. For example, Toro operatives now carry out more than 80% of the assembly at ground level, even for a salt barn with a 14m high apex.

    In turn, a Toro Shelter is designed to offer a safe and comfortable as a possible working environment for operatives. For example, sufficient space is recommended in-and-around the structure and retaining walls for safe and easy inspection, maintenance and repair access.

    The fabric used to cover a Toro Shelter is supplied from the highest quality manufacturers in the world and is compliant with all relevant fire regulations. The fabrics Toro use are self-extinguishing; they do not propagate flames or cause burning droplets to fall.


    A need arose for Yorkshire’s Highways Maintenance, to develop a new depot for winter maintenance which included the provision of a 30m x 60m 6,000t salt store.

    Toro’s bid offered a quality build, with a 25 year-plus design life all at the right price. This [build] was completed safely, efficiently and well within prescribed timescales, with a minimum of intrusion in to the ongoing day-to-day activities at the site. The completed structure is of the anticipated quality and functionality.

    A Macklin 

    Company Director, Macklin UK

    Excellent product, quick and safe installation. All round, I am very impressed with the way Toro operates.

    Thomas Martin

    Project Manager, Morgan Sindall


    Toro Shelters salt barns are cleverly designed so that they are rugged and robust. Accordingly, our structures are designed to last a life-time and are backed by Toro's 10 year warranty, as one would expect from a permanent structure. Equally, Toro’s structure’s can be re-located, re-purposed, enlarged or even re-sold. structures and engineered to Eurocode building standards they are designed to sustain significant wind and snow loads. Toro's clever structural design allows our happy customers the option to move, sell or change their structures, should a project end or their business change.
    Yes, Toro structures are built using an ultra tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane which is cost effective, impervious to attack from salt and quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Other types of salt barn are suseptable to rust, fire or not fit for purpose. 
    This really depends on a number of factors such as planning constraints, and the type of vehicles being used to load and unload the salt form the store. Generally, if loading with a 28 tonne tipping, articulated lorry you will need an inner height of at least 11m. (It will also depend on how much salt you require to store)
    Yes, Toro structures can be build to any size from 100 to 18,000 square meters and in a range of different shapes and configurations with doors to suit your requirement. Our gallery below outlines a few of the many possibilities. Please feel free to ask Toro's Technical team any questions you may have.


    5,000t Winter Salt Store

    Lego Block Salt Store

    NE England L-Shaped Store

    Chelsea Depot - Lego Block

    Winter Salt Greenwich

    L-Shaped Salt Barn

    Lego Block Building

    Toro Construction Crew

    Salt Store

    Greenwich Salt Store

    Scottish Highlands

    28t Articulated Truck Unloading

    Salt Barn Under Construction

    Transport for London Maintenance

    Bedfordshire Winter Salt Store

    Transport For London Depot

    Scottish Highways Depot

    Scottish Highlands Front View