Toro Product Overview

Explore the wide range of products available with Toro Shelters

Salt Storage Barn | Toro Shelters

Salt Storage Buildings

Toro stand by its' salt barns with a 20 year warranty.

Bulk Storage Shelters | Toro Shelters

Bulk Storage Shelters

Toro Shelters offer a great solution for the storage of dry goods. 

Industrial Fabric Building | Toro Shelters

Industrial Fabric Buildings

Toro Shelters are a fast and economical solution for any facility. 

Vehicle Maintenance Shelters | Toro Shelters

Vehicle Maintenance Shelter

Toro Shelters have built rugged Vehicle Maintenance Shelters in the harshest environments on earth.

Welding Habitat | Toro Shelters

Welding Habitat

At Toro we have developed a range of re-locatable habitat shelters to address the exacting requirements of our clients. 

Container Mounted Canopies | Toro Shelters

Container Mounted Canopies

Offering secure and protected storage and workspace.

Mobile Stuctures | Toro Shelters

Mobile Structures

Toro Mobile Fabric Shelters allow you to rapidly reposition your structure on-site in moments.

Lego Block Building | Toro Shelters

Concrete Lego Blocks

Concrete lego bock mounted fabric shelters are an exceptionally flexible construction system. Concrete lego blocks form the base of the fabric structure.

Warehouse | Toro Shelters


The design of Toro Shelters’ warehouses is based upon years of experience of constructing rapid-build warehouse structures around the globe in austere climatic environments. Toro’s engineers use modern and innovative materials and design to create robust, cost effective storage buildings, built to last and easily relocated if needed.