Bulk Storage Shelters

Laminated membrane bulk stores offer a new option in high capacity storage

Toro Shelters offer a great bulk storage solution for the storage dry goods. Our steel-framed, fabric-covered bulk store structures are highly versatile, extremely robust and particularly suited to harsh and corrosive environments.

Whether you’re concerned about environmental regulation or the safety of staff working in an inadequately protected environment, Toro Shelters offer the perfect solution.

Toro bulk stores are the best way to protect your bulk material. Keeping in odours and dust and keeping out the rain. Whatever the environment, Toro’s tensioned fabric bulk stores offer a unique range of benefits:

Affordable Bulk Stores

Steel-framed, fabric covered shelters are far and away the most cost effective means to cover bulk material to keep it dry and in the best possible condition for when it is needed. Toro Shelter bulk stores are affordable because: they generally require fewer foundations; are rapidly installed; they can be re-located and re-purposed.

Rapidly Deployed

Toro shelters can typically be erected in a fraction of the time it takes to put up conventional structures. Our highly experienced installers can set up structures in a matter of days.

Temporary and Permanent Buildings – Versatile

Our shelters can be disassembled and relocated should the need arise. Whether you have to move within a large site, between sites or to a new location at the end of a lease, project or contract. Toro bulk stores provide flexibility and value. Some of our clients state they want a temporary bulk store, with Toro Shelters your bulk store can be located for a project or lease term on one site and moved to another when the project or lease is terminated.

High quality and durable structures

While Toro Shelters are sometimes considered to be temporary bulk stores, they are, however extremely strong and can be expected to last a generation or more. Our highly durable fabric covers offer a more than favourable alternative to traditional or steel shelters. Timber is extremely expensive. Steel cladding is attacked in the aggressive environment of materials such as salt stores. Toro Shelters do have steel trusses but they are expertly galvanised and engineered to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions, giving our client many decades of shelter for their operations.

Compliant with European building standards

As environmental regulation increases, it is critical that certain materials such as salt and wood chips are stored in a compliant way.

Toro Shelters are European CE marked. Toro Shelter bulk stores protect the environment and your corporate reputation, by adhering to the various Environmental Agency guidelines.

Re-locatable bulk stores

From central London to the highlands of Scotland and beyond, Toro Shelters offer the most affordable means to protectyour valuable dry material stores. Toro Shelters can be re-located, re-purposed, compactly stored, enlarged, or even re-sold.

Toro Shelters a trusted brand

Toro clients come back to us time and time again because they know we can be counted on to deliver. Internationally, Toro is regarded as a ‘safe pair of hands’ to build your structure.


Salt Barn - Scottish Highlands

Timber Bulk Storage Building

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