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A Toro Shelter can be expected to last for more than 25 years, depending on the environment. The framework and the covers of our bespoke structures carry extensive warranties. Toro Shelter frames are heavy-duty and galvanised. The fabric covers are high-tech, laminated fabrics with UV inhibitors that help extend their lives. 

The Toro Shelter engineering team will work with you to create the best structure for your needs. With numerous customisable features, such as end walls, doors, anchoring systems and more. We can design a unique structure for your specific site and application. Toro Shelter’s partners can provide the accessories you need, such as vents, lighting, flooring and fans etc. 

Tensioned fabric structures are versatile buildings which are constructed using robust, galvanised steel framework. A flexible cover is tightened over the frame to create a tensioned structure. Today incredibly strong fabrics make it possible to construct extremely large clear-span structures. Some of the largest stadia, shopping malls, airports and other large commercial structures are tensioned fabric structures.  

It depends on the specific circumstances. Planning permission in the UK is granted on a case-by-case basis. It is not a prescriptive process. However, many of our clients DO NOT require planning permission if they comply with certain criteria. 

One of the many great features of Toro Shelters is that while they are portable, they are extremely robust. They can be dismantled in half the time they take to erect and are designed to be transported or stored in 20 or 40 foot containers, or on pallets, ready for storage or transportation. Toro Shelters adapt with your business. They can easily be enlarged, reduced, moved, re-purposed or even sold, recouping much of your initial capital outlay. 

Toro Shelters up to 60ft (20m) wide do not require any kind of footing or foundation, which creates a significant cost saving for Toro clients. 

Toro Shelters are designed for each client and the environmental requirements of each structure. However, they can be engineered to sustain winds of up to 125 mph.

Toro Shelters are engineered to meet the snow load conditions for the area in which they are to be used, from 0.5kN/m² to 1.5kN/m². Fabric shelters, because of their 50% rise, shed most of the snow as it falls. You can find our fabric structures in Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, and many other extreme environments around the world.

There are countless advantages to choosing a Toro Shelter fabric structure over a wood or metal building, including:

Fast design, manufacturing & installation: Toro shelters take as few as three weeks to produce and can be installed in as little as three days. From concept to construction, you could be using your Toro Shelter structure within a month.

Lower energy costs: Abundant natural light can eliminate daytime lighting costs and even halve night-time lighting costs. Temperature-stabilising covers keep buildings 3-5° C cooler in the summer and 3-5° C warmer in the winter.

Maximum useable space: Unique design features mean there are no columns or poles to interfere with your interior plans or ease of movement.

Corrosion resistance: Robust steel trusses made of, galvinised European steel tubing that will not rust, corrode or bend.

Easy maintenance: Dust, dirt and pollutants wash off in the rain and a Toro Shelter never needs painting and will never have rotting parts to replace.

Flame retardant: Wood structures pose a fire hazard. Toro structures have metal frames and flame-retardant covers are available.

Fewer pests: Corner-free design means fewer hiding places for rodents and no building material or insulation to nest or feed on.

Re-usable: Toro Shelter structures may be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed. Expansion is easy.

Your Toro Shelter structure can be delivered and installed in only a matter of weeks. Toro Shelter structures take as little as three weeks to produce and as little as three days to install. We are centrally based in Bristol, in the UK, to ensure speedy delivery and reduced shipping costs across the country. We offer flexible installation options to meet your needs, including experienced Toro Shelter construction crews, having a Toro Shelter supervisor on site to direct your crew, or doing the installation yourself. The cost of using a Toro Shelter crew or supervisor depends on your location and time frame.