The team at Toro Shelters has been working for many years to find new and innovative ways to protect our client's operations. They have designed and installed structures around the world, for many different purposes and in extremes of environment.

From the Sahara Desert, to the Austraiian Outback. From Central London, to the Scottish Highlands. Toro designs and builds robust PVC clad steel structures, designed to last at least 50 years.

Toro's Monthly Highlights

2018 onwards

2018 looks to be a great year for Toro, having successfully contracted for several large, exciting new projects.

Awarded by Morgan Sindall

Toro Shelters is proud to announce we have been award "perfect delivery" by Morgan Sindal for our 2017 salt barn projects.

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Health and Safety

Health and safety is pparamount here at Toro Shelters. This has been further recognised by Morgan Sindall 2016 Award.

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Toro Product Portfolio

Highlights of some of the many products in Toro Shelters' portfolio

Salt Storage Barns

Toro Shelters is unquestionably the UK's leading supplier of salt barns. Toro's design team understand the many aspects of highways salt storage.

We help our clients: Develop a clear requirement; Assist with the planning process; Design- fabricate-install the foundations and a structure that will last a life-time. Find out more...

Bulk Storage Shelters

Storing and keeping large volumes of material dry such as wood chips, ore or biomass economically is a challenge many modern businesses face. Toro Shelter's bulk storage sheds have become an industry standard. Find out more...  

Industrial Fabric Buildings

Toro Shelters are a rapid, economical yet durable means of protecting essential operations. Toro's sturdy, light-weight framework is the secret to covering large areas and minimising foundations. Our team of experts can assist you in the whole process. Find out more...

Vehicle Maintenance Shelters

Toro Shelters have built rugged vehicle maintenance shelters in the harshest environments on earth. From the Sahara Desert to the Australian Outback. From the UK's Midlands to West London. We protect our clients operations from the wind, snow, sun, cold and dust using our well-made structures designed for their specific needs. Find out more...

Welding and Maintenance Habitats

Many of Toro's clients have very specific requirements to protect their operations or surrounding environment. Toro has developed a range of re-locatable habitat shelters to address the exacting requirements of our clients: Inflatable; Mobile; Crane liftable; Container mounted to name a few of the many possibilities. Find out more...

Toro Market Sectors

Rugged, rapidly erected industrial buildings. Proven in the mining, bulk storage, waste management, military and scaffolding industries.

Mining Infrastructure

Toro has over a decade of experience providing rugged mining camp infrastructure to remote sites. From camp offices and accommodation to ore bulk storage, vehicle maintenance shelters, equipment warehouses and fabrication shelters. If you have a specific requirement Toro has an innovative solution. Find out more...

Ports and Marine

Toro Shelters' tensioned fabric structures are ideal for protecting operations and materials in an aggressive maritime environment. Find out more...


Toro Shelter fabric aircraft hangars are used all around the world by military, aviation and aerospace organisations. Find out more...

Oil & Gas

Whether upstream or downstream, oil and gas industry sites are usually situated in a remote, hostile or complex environment. Our design team at Toro understand this and design our rugged, protective structures so that they provide the necessary protection our client's operations demand. Find out more...


Toros' indoor sports arenas are designed to provide a light, spacious clear-span environment in which sports clubs, schools etc. can carry out their activities through all seasons. Toro has developed a climate control system to keep the sports arena dry and warm in winter and cool and airy in summer. Find out more...

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